11 April

for the love of trees

perhaps one day we can listen to the lesson of the trees

and slow down enough to pay attention to the details
i may head out to the nursery this weekend
to purchase some pansies for the porch
so cheery
the weather has finally changed here
even when the wind is blustery the daylight temps 
seem to be staying above the mid fifties
I have been walking the beach in the morning
but as you can tell from the wind on the waves
it isn't quite sunbathing weather yet
speaking of wind...
 every time we drive anywhere lately we notice
plastic grocery bags blowing around 
stuck high up in the tree tops, in bushes, on the ground
please make a concerted effort not to use them
 it is the end of the school term and i have 3 papers 

and a group project due for one class alone



  1. Oh I would love to walk on that beach every morning. I really detest seeing those plastic bags littered about. Good luck on the homework. Hug B

  2. Glad y'all are warming up. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Good luck with your assignments! Love the beach biking. Greatly envious of your morning walks!

  4. how lucky you are, to be able to walk by the ocean, in any kind of weather!!!!!!

    don't use plastic or if you have to, RECYCLE them! duhhhhhh people. grrrrrrr....

  5. Cheery flowers sound wonderful! It's too cold for planting anything or putting plants out on the deck. If it was warm enough the wind would hurt them. We have had 2 afternoons with very strong winds this week.

    Good Luck with your end of the school year paper and project.

  6. I'm a tree hugger and they have much to teach. Pansies are such a happy flower with their cute little faces. i wish plastic bags were outlawed. good luck with your papers. happy friday!

  7. Did you know that out in The Savanna the trees are completely covered in plastic bags from the wind and the children are growing up thinkin that trees "grow" bags? I kid you not. Plastic is banned here in CA. I for one am very happy about that. Happy Friday!

  8. beautiful photos, I wish I were that soul on the bike on the beach. If we'd act on what we learn from Nature we'd be a lot further behind in destroying our world.

  9. A beautiful beach scene!

  10. Such beautiful photos and the words to go with them- so true. I think it wasn't until I retired that I really took the time to notice EVERYTHING! Using a camera every day helps! I think I'll go buy some pansies too!

  11. Love the picture with the bicycle and rider at shore's edge. Yes, a wonderful reminder to slow down and take in all the beauty and breathe deeply. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I can see that wind blowing off the ocean ... but it's still beautiful! Good luck on all your term-end assignments!

  13. Love love your beach shot It's calling to me...

  14. What a wonderful way to spend some time walking or riding on the beach. Good to hear you've been able to do so in spite of being quite busy.

  15. Lovely photos ... wonderful tones in your beach photo !
    I love pansies too ...
    Nice weekend,

  16. Brr, I can feel that wind on the beach. One of my favourite winter activities is to walk on the beach when the wind is howling.

  17. Both of your photos are very artistic. They are beautiful. I would love to be that person biking on the beach!

  18. the bike on the beach shot is very good! love it.

  19. Lovely photos. Very calming. I hate those plastic grocery bags, such an eyesore.

  20. Love the beach shot! Beautiful!

  21. I laughingly call plastic bags the state flower of Texas! They are stuck on every bush you see. I hate them! Why can't people put them in the trash where they belong?
    I hope your nice weather last longer than ours! We were 90 on Saturday and having a blizzard Sunday night. Way below freezing again and the poor trees are going to look terrible for the whole summer. :(


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