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30 April


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28 April

Well I think it's fine building jumbo planes or taking a ride on a cosmic train switch on summer from a slot machine get what you want if you want - 'cause you can get anything
I know we've come a long way  we're changing day to day  but tell me where do the children play?
-Cat Stevens

these are a few of the things we saw as we walked the beaches yesterday
we live on an island after all
winds blow and seas storm
all things return to the sea
so water bottles and what not that are blown from recycling bins
travel through streets and neighborhoods
into waterways - into rivers 
into the seas
back up onto beaches 
where the tides carry them back out
until they are broken down into tiny microscopic
pieces and are consumed by marine life
who then either die themselves
or are consumed
by guess who?

mosaic monday

27 April

I hear you speak to me
through those i love
i have seen your beastly dance
I have seen you
chew my people up and spit them out
do you wear them proudly like a beaded necklace? 
I have watched you channel through rivers
like blood through veins
you have a branch on my tree
of friends and family
but you are a cheat
you have no guts to face
what you leave behind
 I do not release you
you are not absolved
fuck you

sunday whirl

27 April

there's nowhere you can be

that isn't where you're meant to be

it's easy

all you need is love

pax et bonum

sea-foam bubbles

I have always believed that love is truly all we need.
I agree with those that say we must love ourselves before we can love others.
However, I do not believe one can truly love themselves until they have felt a deep and abiding love for some one other than themselves.

this was taken on the last day of school last year





scavenger hunt sunday

25 April

walking the beach of a morning
i found spring stealing across the Atlantic
she lighted up the sandy shore
with her coquettish  and quicksilver promises

and though I am well experienced
with her capricious ways
I allow her easy access 
to my cold heart
and twirl with the
greenness of young girl once again
as flighty spring
sparkles and dances over the cool water

and as i turn toward home 
I  feel the wind rustling the leaves at my feet
and I know 
she but toys with me

 friday finds

24 April

everywhere little things are blossoming now

daffodils are bouncing yellow

along old rock walls

magnolia and dogwood petals

stand pink and white against blue sky

and tiny grape hyacinths blossom

in the woodland gardens

little things thursday

thursday favorite things

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22 April


21 April

together they were nothing but a mess of sharp aches
 rocking on that bridge
smokin' a bone
limbs open
swaying in the breeze

steal  away up here 
to watch those troubles slip away below them
like dirty water down the kitchen sink

you don't gotta tell them twice

Sunday Whirl

19 April

sorta pretty

good eye
nice ass
sorta old
big heart

plays fair

beach girl
good girl

early riser
seaside walker
nature lover
wood sprite

doesn't fight

light dancer
music maker
peasant legs
part elf



imaginary gardens with real toads

18 April


15 April

even spring is born of season's past
crocus and tiny flowers push their way through
skeleton leaves
that molder in dust
and molder in dust again

 texture tuesday
texture twist

14 April


13 April

and in the neon light i saw...

sounds of silence Simon and Garfunkle

13 April

the beach which stood empty the cold winter

will not be long neglected now that warmer weather's here

signs of spring

the last thing i bought was this

country farm-house teapot


 four green beads

scavenger hunt sunday
our beautiful world

13 april

(my father is the center man in uniform)

my father was a sportswriter for the Boston newspapers
when we were young he would take us to the game
the red sox
Carlton Fisk Luis Tiant Carl Yastrzemski "Yaz"
they would take their turns around the bases
stiff wrists holding onto wooden bats
 I can hear the chanting of the crowds
in the moonlight of my memories
I swear
the sound of a baseball game 
is so deeply ingrained in me 
it brings me right back to 
my papa
sitting on the back porch 
listening to an old transistor radio on a porcelain table
Play Ball.....

only a brief story

in the limbo of my youth
almost gaudy in its melancholy
and then I tumble into home

Sunday whirl
poetry jam

11 April

Daddy and his girlfriend live in a green house near the beach

we all live on the second floor where the trees can reach

me and my brother got a room with nice new beds

and when we wake up in the morning the sun is shining on our heads

I drew our house with crayons and it came out really nice

my brother said that it was dumb so I smacked him -twice

daddy's girlfriend hung it up, 'cause she's nice like that

we have a fish named Freddy-Bob but we can't get a cat

at the beach with daddy when the sun is high

he throws us in the water and we feel like we can fly

then we lay down on our towels till we're really, really hot

and we walk back home for cookies, 'cause I'm hungry quite a lot

in the evening in the kitchen when the sun is low

we eat our dinner at the table near the open window

we can see the girls play softball in the park across the street

and watch them running 'round the bases in their sneakered feet

daddy got us brand new bikes, and after dinn…

11 April

for the love of trees

perhaps one day we can listen to the lesson of the trees
and slow down enough to pay attention to the details  ~ i may head out to the nursery this weekend to purchase some pansies for the porch so cheery ~ the weather has finally changed here even when the wind is blustery the daylight temps  seem to be staying above the mid fifties I have been walking the beach in the morning but as you can tell from the wind on the waves it isn't quite sunbathing weather yet   ~ speaking of wind...  every time we drive anywhere lately we notice plastic grocery bags blowing around  stuck high up in the tree tops, in bushes, on the ground please make a concerted effort not to use them ~  it is the end of the school term and i have 3 papers 
and a group project due for one class alone
random 5 friday
friday finds
my town shoot out

10 april

they have started a new fence line along the Long beach side of the causeway

little things thursday

8 April

the rain is falling like fingers

outside our bedroom window

when i wake in the wee of the night

if it were your fingers raining on me

i would hear the sultry pitter patter of my sighs

evaporating in the darkness

instead of the rain fall outside

and i am damp and muggy without you

friday flash 55

8 April


7 April


6 April

once i stuck my fingers

in the waterfalls of time

 I can never forget the way the droplets of water

looked in that light

suspended in the air like tiny diamonds
time is not a barrier

time is not a single unit

it zips back and forth

forming  pleats

i feel your power shining 

in the pockets of light

and because i am not tough

i travel there

and find you in the details
poetry jam

sunday whirl

6 april



this is a section of a series of 9 mosaic murals
celebrating the oceanside city near where I live
I had never seen them before yesterday
the detail in them is amazing

the weather here has finally turned

I walk the beach almost every day so I suppose you might say

that walking is my favorite sport
this is a "mermaid's purse"

or the egg case of a shark, ray or skate

scavenger hunt sunday

our beautiful world

5 Saturday


4 April

it is not the words that you once wrote

or even the letters that you formed with your fine fingers

it is the whisper of your essence on the yellowed paper

the lingering breath of your thoughts

the fading pen marks where your once strong hand forged lines

into a language I would carry in my heart

long after your sweet lips stopped

long after your hands were still

long after your last breath


imaginary gardens with real toads

4 April


4 April

Joe and I recently discovered 9 mosaic tiles hanging  along the waterfront in the next town over

while we were out and about they are so creative and detailed and fun I plan on going back again to get some more photos.

the days have been sunny and warm (in the high 40s)

this makes me very happy

I have seen both of my daughters two times recently

this makes me even happier
i have to go to the market tomorrow

this does not make me happy

I got a new lens adapter from photojojo!

I've been having so much fun with it!

random 5 friday

friday finds

my town shoot out

3 April

this is a small section of one in a series of nine mosaic tiles 
which hang along a waterfront walkway and pier.
They were done by a couple of local artists and 
depict scenes from the city which
we see from our tiny island. 
You can see the traffic coming in from Boston,
the beach people, and the joggers along the parkway.

little things thursday
thursday favorite things
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2 april

one day to mark your time  the sun comes up orange and pink over the horizon and you step into the morning

imaginary gardens with real toads

street poetry

2 April


1 April

when the sun came back out

she walked to where the sidewalk ended

and then she turned around

and walked back home

to where he waited

with bacon and eggs for breakfast

 imaginary gardens with real toads

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