16 march

there are green wicker chairs in my living room

beyond them is the tower of the old coast guard station

at night the cities across the water look like small strips of light

glistening in the distance

plopped down here with friends

we squeeze the last drop of wine out of the bottle 

and nibble on apples and cheeses 

 perhaps you will cut us some slack

as we fuss about our futures

it's easy to forget 

that we are all dust


  1. That last line is so powerful. Well wordled!

  2. beautiful photos, what a contrast of sights..

  3. Cute use of the Sunday Whirl...........

    Ahhhhhh but, we are animated dust, while we are here! So lets make good use of our time, as animated dust! Lets have all the Joy, we can!!!! :-)

  4. Dust we are, so easy to forget, think we are important, when we are each fading in our time.

  5. Dust and electricity caught in a lighthouse beam..I think enjoying the wine and apples and cheese is a better way to be though!

  6. When one is having fun and relaxing with friends it is only natural to forget about other things! Nicely asos!


  7. Easy, indeed. As easy as the pace of this beautiful piece.

  8. We are all dust. So true. Love the simplicity in this poem

  9. Yes, we are all dust ~ Wow, stunning pictures ~

  10. such wise thoughts this afternoon.

  11. Beautiful work with the words!

  12. Dust we are but while we are here let's make our lives and others joyous and memories of us will linger on. Beautiful thoughts.

  13. Profound to mundane, your words are beautiful.

  14. You lulled me into the same sort of complacency and woke me with that last line! Powerful.

  15. An interesting exercise in perspective: from the near to the far to the infinite. Nice ideas.
    Steve K.

  16. There is something extremely comforting in familiar surroundings, and even if we are dust, while we breathe, we take something from life.

    I so enjoyed the way you expressed this idea in your poem.

  17. I love that such moments can help us forget we are mortal. beautiful

  18. Truly sublime. Soft and comforting and full of hope even with the "dust" reference - which grounds the poem, makes us realize we can soar and dream unique paths even though we all share the same end.

  19. luv the mood, the effortless flow of words, makes me wish i were part of the wine, cheese and apple nibble

    much love...


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