14 march

winter will not go down easily

the ocean continues to freeze

i am on spring break this week

i have plans to catch up on paperwork

and get outside with my camera
the boys will be with us this weekend

we are looking forward to the company of one another

I am watching The Fugitive Kind with Marlon Brando 

It is the first time I've seen it though I used to watch

old movies all the time

I love the way that old film looks

our movies have become so dumb

Of course this movie is filled with sex and violence

but there is a plot and some character development

What we miss when we remove those things

"Every right implies a responsibility,

every opportunity an obligation,

every possession a duty."

john d rockerfeller


  1. I love the old movies of the 30s and 40s -- some are rather kitchy, but that time period appeals to me.

    Enjoy time with your kids -- my oldest is coming over tomorrow for dinner and it's been too long. xo

  2. I find more and more that CG special effects get in the way of a good storyline. Everyone's looking for better visual impact rather than better dialogue. Very nice shot of the ocean ... we're on Lake Ontario, and it was so choppy on Wednesday during the snowstorm, huge whitecaps and spray. I pity the birds all huddled together on shore waiting for to finish. Wendy x

  3. Hope you get time outside - Spring WILL come...
    A great Random 5 and have a fabulous Friday :)

  4. Wow lovely pic ! Looks so calm and peaceful :)

  5. I lived for over 20 years by the Pacific Ocean and never saw ice on it, it is quite an amazing thing. We've just watched for the millionth time Arsenic and Lace, I think that I laugh as hard as I did the first time each sitting, I love and prefer the older movies.

  6. Gotta love the frozen water, great picture.

  7. Hello dear you
    Another lovely poem! I love the photo softness!


  8. Brrrr. That is a chilly-looking ocean you have there. I'd go watch movies too if I were you.

  9. I adore that photo! No, winter is not going down easily anywhere. Have fun with your camera and your boys!

  10. Yes, I hear that winter still has your side of the continent very much in its grip. Enjoy your break and your boys.

  11. I love old movies, too - and the music that accompanies them. I've recently discovered 40's on 4 (on Sirius XM) and have enjoyed pretending like I'm not in this century while in my very high-tech 21st-century car.

    Enjoy your spring break - ours is coming up in two weeks! <3

  12. The color of the sea is so beautiful, ice and all! Have fun with your boys - hope you find more old movies to enjoy. I love old Doris Day movies...:) xo Karen

  13. Love old movies, especially when they keep them in black & white (not colorizing them). I miss the simplicity of them, the stories they tell. Today is is either all action, all violence or sex scenes that aren't really sexy.

  14. I love old movies ... black and white seems much more romantic! We've all had a winter we won't forget. Have fun with the boys. Lovely post -- as ever. Happy Weekend.

  15. I agree with you about the movies situation. There is some much blowing up and blood it is aggravating. That is a great shot.

  16. beautiful scene. so serene.

  17. Love that image! So beautiful. Hope you enjoy the break with the boys.


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