27 february

the winter wood is filled with secrets

that the summer leaves will cover

tiny heart-shaped seed pods 

that look so very delicate

they open to release their seed

into the wild world

but they stay behind

 and cling to the branch through 

snow and arctic gale

 I can't help but feel some 

unexplainable connection to them

though I would choose to be the seed and not the pod

I cannot help but see the beauty 

when I look back toward home


  1. What a striking shot! Gorgeous edit, too.

  2. Oh yes -- a seed looking for somewhere to fly and land to grow into something beautiful. :)

  3. Interesting concept! So much thought behind the photo and the words.

  4. Beautiful words. This is such a neat capture and it almost looks otherworldly.

  5. -happy sigh-

    Beautiful photo.

    Lovely and lyrical words.

    Thank you...

  6. And I see an upside down heart!

  7. Very beautiful picture! Lovely earth tones. I like your fine poem too!
    Jette Majken

  8. The colours, the words, lovely. :)

  9. again what beautiful effects-sweet line 'I cannot help see the beauty-----home' lovely.

  10. A lovely abstract.


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Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
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