2 february




my lentil soup

behind the lens

where were you

i was in a field of daisies and clover....dreaming of summer time


  1. I'd love to be in the middle of your last photo..

  2. I see lots of yum!

  3. Now, that beverage says summer to me. :-)


  4. I love your blessings poem. That is wonderful to come on to this Sunday morning.

    Great shots and I especially love your daisies and clover shots.

  5. daisies,,,,,,,,i love flowers

  6. Mmmm, lentil soup sounds yummy. I can't wait to see some flowers. Lovely picture.

  7. Thanks for the flowers! What a beautiful and delicious glass of healthy all the way, in your beverage, but to pick just one, I have to say I can really feel the simple coldness of the day, out shooting everyday life, within your behind the lens! Awesome capture.

  8. I love lentils so I bet that tasted good! :-)

  9. ah i would not mind being in the field of daisies....another gorgeous day today...no coat needed!!!!! looks like a nice soup starter going as well...

  10. I don't know how much time I would spend behind the lens if I had to bundle up before each adventure. However, some of my favorite images were taken in the snow and ice. Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. Your drink photo is intriguing. I'm guessing the celery works like a straw? Nice shot of the field of daisies and clover to dream about while eating that thick soup on this cold snowy day!

  12. oh daisies! ummm... that drink looks good. nice set of photos.

  13. Yummm...the beverage and the soup look very good!

  14. I'll have some of that Caesar, please!

  15. I like the daisies and clover shot. Excellent beverage shot, but I have never liked that drink-probably because I do not like tomato juice. I like tomatoes and tomato sauce, but the juice always tasted odd to me.

  16. Haven't visited for a while, so I'm enjoying catching up! I love your photographs. It's so nice to see the flowers - I'd forgotten what flowers look like with all the snow here! I also love the processing on "snuggle" - great effect.


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