16 february



old style hand blown glass bead



mussel shells growing on an old buoy



we are celebrating that my sister's surgery 

found the spots to be pre-cancerous

this is a rather old picture of my sister, our mother and I.

it was taken in London before she had cancer the first time.


  1. Fantastic news about your Sister, this is lovely threesome photo, so beautiful all of you. Your photos are a delight as always...

  2. Oh what joy in celebrating that!!! I am so happy for you and thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  3. Such a lovely series of photos. I love that you captured a robin, I'm on the lookout for our first of the season.

  4. Mmmmm, my computer did a skip and a hop, and I'm not sure I left my comment on this post. Mmmmmm...

    Well, I wondered what the bird was, who is camouflaged...?

    And I was so happy with your good news....

  5. Great photos. The camo shot and the glass bead are my favorites.

    I always love the blessings in the comments section.

  6. popping over from Scavenger Hunt Sunday - great photos!

  7. Of all the beauty shown in this post, including the glowing, hand blown bead and artful shot of mussels, the brightest spot is clearly the news that your sister is well.

    Wishing her continued good health,

  8. Lovely, simple photos.

    I am glad that your sister's news was good.

  9. Your set is wonderful and I love how you process and present your photos.
    That Glass Bead is gorgeous.
    The Mussels are pretty cool looking as well.

  10. Stunning photos - I love the mussels and the camouflaged bird, both so beautifully captured. The stem is fascinating - I love how you've textured it - very subtle and delicate.

  11. Great photos for the meme. I really like the edit you used on the muscles. Good news to celebrate!

  12. Beautiful pictures. So glad your sister's news is good.

  13. Love the glass bead and the three of you look like lovely ladies! :-)

  14. Good new for all - you and sister could be twins. Nice family photo.

  15. Love the simplicity of the photos, especially the glass bead. /Thank you for sharing the good news regarding your sister.

  16. Yes, I saw that little fella hiding in the first photo. They're all wonderful and your edit on the last one is superb.

  17. Such a joy to share this with your sister. Lovely picture of the three of you. I also love looking at glass lampwork. The muscle shells are an amazing subject for a photo, they are all wonderful - cindy

  18. A collection of lovely photos. The mussels on the old buoy are beautiful. Love the colours. So glad your sister had good news. That's something to lighten up any day.

  19. Nice shot of the mussel shells. The red bird in the branches is so pretty. Very nice glass bead. Great photos all around.

  20. lovely set of photos!
    so thankful to hear the good news for your sister!

  21. Now that's something to celebrate!! Good luck to your sister ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

  22. The news that the spots are 'pre' cancerous is a bit of sunshine. I wish your sister well! I love the shot of the mussels - love to collect the shells in the summertime and I'm lining a path with crushed shells.

  23. Simply lovely as always, with such a soft elegance, but I do like your photo of togetherness most of all!

  24. Lovely photos. Good news about your sister. You are all so pretty.

  25. What a lovely photo of the three of you...hope all is well with your sister. Thanks for sharing.

  26. now THAT'S a celebration worth having~!!!~
    beautiful photos and as always i enjoyed being mesmerized by them.


  27. Great news about your sister. Your photos are beautiful. I particularly like the colors on the mussels.


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