15 february

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

fudge ripple, watermelon, peach

marshmallow and black raspberry

chocolate chip, rocky road, heath,

maple walnut, brownie, plum

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,

double oreo, raisin and rum

mint chocolate chip,  java toffee

coconut, cherries jubilee

banana chip, rainforest crunch,

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

and  tie-dye purple-berry punch

moose tracks,chocolate chip cookie dough,

peppermint, lemon daquari,

maui madness, plain oreo
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

a quatern poem according to:

imaginary garden with real toads


  1. This made me very hungry ~ Sounds really yummy ~

  2. Sweet poem! Wow, so many ingredients! Nice.

  3. This was such a lot of fun - and such an endless list of flavours to choose from, I'm not sure which I would select.

  4. Ha.. sometimes we always get back to the basic... despite the fancy names we always end up with the three basic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

  5. Smiling and you've made me so hungry. Great fun.

  6. Oh, what is that camouflaged bird????? Red breast. Could he be a robin?????

    Wonderful news! So, so wonderful!!!!!!!! Gentle hugs to all of you.

  7. You know, this makes much more sense then the lists I've seen in those ice cream stores. You should write the choices for their walls and watch sales soar! And those parlors should have poetry readings too. Nice work.

  8. The refrain is THE flavors I grew up with. I can't believe the choices of ice cream today. A treat was chocolate syrup drizzled over the top…

  9. Aw, see what you've done…now I'm hungry!


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