12 february

products are polluting millions

on behalf of face and body.

our commitment to our most important responsibilities?

ill designed beauty products preserving our future

the manufacture of plastic beauty

virtually impossible to remove.

the impact has not yet been fully determined

but there is concern it could potentially cause problems

higher up

set an example

avoid the press

beauty continues to show in people of quality -never anyone who has plastic on their face


-we have been asked to write an erasure poem
Here is the link to the original article that I used which was about the tiny micro-beads in beauty products ending up in our waterways.

and you may find more erasure poems along with the guidelines at 

imaginary gardens with real toads


  1. The erasure process really focuses the attention on the main issue. I think you have got to the heart of a very serious issue here.

  2. I have never heard this term before - erasure poems - now I want to learn more about it!

  3. I agree with you completely on this. Media shows a unreachable kind of beauty, aimed at profit and wealth of those who stand behind it. True beauty lies within. Always has and always will be.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. I agree with Kerry - you kept the message but managed to boil it down and focus our attention to the heart of it.


  5. Thanks for bringing focus to this pollutant--so casually used as a "beauty product". Your poem really gets to the essence of the problem.

    Reminds me of the impact of sunscreen on the coral reefs. So much of what we do disrupts vital relationships in the ecosystem. I’m glad there is raised awareness and most importantly, action to ban the plastic beads. Which brings us to the topic of plastics and our reliance on fossil fuels. Don’t get me started!

  6. Plastic... In general... Never goes away... Why oh why do we need so much of it?

    And plastic, to get our skin "clean"? Good grief!

    My general opinion is that too much legislation is piled on us. But this one, this one is a good one. IMHO.

    Gentle hugs,

  7. My mother had an old cookbook which had a section of recipes for homemade beauty products. They were simple and used natural ingredients easily found in the home in the early 1900s. I'm not saying I would put goose fat on my face but at least I would know what was in it or not.

  8. Quality … not plastic. Great message in this poem!

  9. focused and adroitly erased - well done ~

  10. erasure poems I've not heard of before-as Margaret has said there is a powerful message in your poem, well done.


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