7 November

to walk around the island was one of her favorite things

 the smell of the leaves

the crunch and shuffle of them underfoot

she loved to see them floating gently down 

shining in the light against the blue autumn sky

all blown about and blustery

during a rainy windstorm in November

there are those who rake them up as soon as they fall

let life rush by their doorways

there is a sweetness when one lingers in the autumn

and for a little while

she lets the leaves stay as they lay 

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  1. Some things are beautiful just the way they are and very true for autumn leaves too:)

  2. I agree -- my mom would want to pick up each leaf as it fell if she could! Lol. Lovely shot.

  3. Beautiful Image!!! Wonderful Words!

  4. Oh, how pretty this all is. Loved the image and your gentle words. So glad I stopped in.


  5. I so enjoyed this photo! I am one that loves the smell & sound of autumn so this post resonated with me. Visiting from Little Things Thurs. & am so glad that I did!

  6. I just adore this! Gorgeous and I agree!

  7. What a lovely shot! We let ours linger and enjoying playing in them, but I think we put off raking mostly out of laziness ;)

  8. You captured the feel of November in the photo.

  9. What a gorgeous front porch. I think I could sit there with coffee and a blanket and just smell that smell.

  10. such subtle sweet beauty-

  11. This is such a pretty shot - and your melancholy words have a warmth to them that draws me in. So lovely.

  12. Beautiful, light light in photo !

  13. The leaves do create a mood. I also like to see them on the ground...

    Mersad Donko Photography

  14. I love the idea of letting the leaves lay where they fall. Sadly, they blow over to my neighbour's property,though...and he doesn't like that. Hmmm.

    Lovely photo. It reminds me of my childhood somehow.

  15. Love the last few lines, about taking the time to let things just "be." A great poem. xoxo

  16. This is perfect! It harkens back to a simpler time ... and reminds me of scenes in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Love it!

  17. So lovely - beautiful story. Autumn is my favorite time. xo

  18. Lovely! So happy to have found you, be back soon!!

    xo Glad & Celia

  19. Autumn is my favorite season! I love to linger in my memories-beautiful verse~

  20. I like this soooooooooo much! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. You help to make it so much fun.♥

  21. Such a nice post here. Words and pictures. I enjoyed your comments on my recent post about bringing my swedish ivy inside. It resonated with a few people. So nice that you stopped by.


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