6 November

I know for sure that love is all there is

all there is that matters anyhow

i know for sure that forgiveness counts

i know for sure that 

what i put out has a direct correlation

with what i take in

I wish I knew for sure 

how to get through my day without

a mad crazy craving for ice cream

and I wish I knew for sure

how to speak French or Latin

or play the flute

or the fiddle

i wish i knew for sure

how to paint a beautiful water color

i don't know for sure 

how it will all turn out in the end

but i know for sure that 

i'd rather be surprised

I know for sure that

things have been pretty topsy turvy so far

and that at 50 years old 

i have no better understanding 

than i did when i was 25



  1. I could relate so well to so many things you mentioned! Someday I hope to paint a beautiful picture. Then if I could describe it in fluent French, I'd really be excited!

  2. The "older" I get, the less I Know for certain and that's a good thing. When I was young I thought I knew everything. :) I agree with you: "love is all there is... "

  3. Go have an ice cream in Paris! Great fun read! Cheers!

  4. A GREAT poem ... I play the flute and I am STILL nibbling on left-over Halloween candy!

  5. lovely stringing of words, and I at 64 have no better an understanding than I did at 24 in fact I think my head was clearer then and my heart purer, is that possible.

  6. that is part of the fun in painting though...and in life...the not knowing how it is going to turn out...but to know love...def makes all the difference in the world...

  7. I enjoyed this....especially your ending. Sometimes it is amazing, isn't it, how things we thought we would understand at a later age are not understood any better... I agree with your understandings. I think love and forgiveness are important. And though we aren't sure how all will turn out in the end, at least we can hope. Cool poem!

  8. I enjoyed reading this. I suspect you do have a better understanding of things than you did at 25. Aside from that, why not learn to play the flute if you want to. :)

  9. Life is an adventure, isn't it? Lovely words. I know for sure I love ice cream and I know for sure it is not good for my hips. xo

  10. Oh what a cool, honest, and okay-with-not-knowing philosophy this is. Loved every line.

  11. Certainty is an illusive thing indeed. Maybe we just get better at knowing it doesn't matter that we don't know for sure!

  12. I think with age, we simple come to expect the unexpected as a natural way of life instead of thinking we can control the outcome......

  13. I agree... love is all there is.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who craves ice cream.

  14. nice! i had some ice cream this morning before reading your poem

    much love...

  15. i'd rather be surprised - I like this it has a real depth of longing and searching from a heart of love. Very nice.

  16. Ah, yes. Ice cream and understanding! I enjoyed this so much. I wouldn't want to be 25 again, either, and 50 is 18 years past me now. There's a great deal to be said about age and experience.

  17. This is such a delightful poem.



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