26 November

there was an old bureau in the kitchen

which had three drawers

yesterday when she came in from walking the beach

she had placed her treasures on top

and now there was a cozy melange

  the top drawer was filled with table linens and mismatched cloth napkins that had been

collected over the years,

ribbons, bits of twine, an old bottle of glue,
 some yellow string that had once been wrapped around a gift
and three pairs of scissors with red handles

the second drawer held hats and mittens and woolen sweaters
 thick sweatshirts at the ready
for walks on the beach with
 guests who had underestimated the wind
that swept off the sea as they walked the beach,
 a faded green dog leash for when Sally came to visit 
and some old toys that every one had forgotten were in there

the bottom drawer stuck and was hard to close

it held old photographs and scraps of fabric

things that no one looked at very often

bits and pieces of the home where they lived


  1. our treasures are pretty cool....my boys find them all the time...i keep a bowl by the bed that i put them in and occassionally we go through them to find a bit of the magic that we felt on first finding them...and guessing at their stories as well...

  2. beautiful treasure, lovely poem. The purple color in the leaf is really cool.

  3. It's interesting, our top drawer in the kitchen also holds linens and cloth napkins. :)

  4. Lovely picture and those words are so true.

  5. Precious treasures - another lovely post :) Enjoy your Tuesday!

  6. Beautiful colouration of the leaves.

  7. Oh, I just love going through drawers and seeing what treasures they hold, especially drawers like this one that have been left untouched for quite a long period of time. Beautifully described.

  8. Fabulous words with your picture. :)

  9. What a beautiful post and lovely image, too. :)

  10. I love old 'treasure' chests. Dianne

  11. Beautiful! And a lovely poem.

  12. Lovely capture and great treasures !
    'A good home is happiness' ... wonderful words !
    Nice week,

  13. Love how your bureau told a story. My buffet could tell one.

  14. Beautiful shot and words.

  15. Wonderful still life photo. And I do love a drawer full of treasures, though I seem to have accumulated far too many.

  16. I LOVE this post. visiting from Kim Klassen

  17. You don't often see autumn leaves in the same photo with a seashell. Very creative! Your writing is beautiful.

  18. Beautiful words and beautiful image!

  19. So creative Photo ... Love it, together with your poem!

  20. Fabulous photo and I love your writing!

  21. Lovely prose with your photo... It evokes happy memories for me of my grandmother's odds and ends drawers... Michelle


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