22 November

the weather has turned at last

mornings are chilly and evenings are darn right cold

i have reached the end of the semester and am buried under school projects

so this weekend i will be doing school work all day every day

i haven't had much of a chance to get out of doors to take pictures

this shot of the red twigs is one of the few pictures I've taken all week

i miss it

there is a tree in the school parking lot which i love

every morning i touch it gently as i walk by

and it touches me back

i am making pies and turnip for thanksgiving

but my mother is making the turkey



  1. Have a great Thanksgiving it sounds like it is going to be delicious. B

  2. So beautiful, lovely colors !
    Enjoy your school work ...
    Nice weekend,

  3. I love the shot!
    I also miss it when I don't get out to shoot!
    Pies are always good ... always :-D
    Have an awesome weekend!
    diane @ aug's blog

  4. This is such a busy time of year, can't imagine adding school work to the pot. Hope you get everything done including a few pictures.

  5. So sweet about the tree in the parking lot. <3 Hope you get a chance to steal away this weekend for a bit of fresh air. Pie baking is so therapeutic ( and smells so heavenly) Happy Thanksgiving! xo Karen

  6. Beautiful....I remember being buried in school work.. Michelle

  7. Love the composition and the red branches. So lovely

  8. Good Luck on your school projects. I need to get out and take pictures too. I have been taking my camera out and about with me, but haven't seen anything very interesting.

  9. Love the red branches! We decided to have chicken for Thanksgiving. We'll have all the side dishes and pumpkin pie but no one has to cook a turkey. We are all happy with our plan. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Are you a teacher or a student? I hope you enjoy making your pies! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Sounds like your Thanksgiving is nicely organised. I missed mine in Canada because I was in San Francisco on that weekend. Hope you have a lovely celebration and get to eat loads of yummy pies. :)

  12. Lovely autumnal colours!

  13. This is the first year that we are not hosting a large gathering, and we got so excited about Autumn foods that we roasted a turkey, made pies and all the other goodies the week before. This week it is turkey soup time! I am so loving the out-of-the-boxness of the whole thing! On the actual date next week, we'll be with our aging Mom at her home. Blessings to you and all you love, Susan


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