17 November

she sat at an isolated table in the corner of a darkened bar
her legs were long and lanky stretched out beneath her
her mouth was silky smooth
and her wit was razor sharp
he had gotten close enough to feel her pain
and know that her breath was as sweet as the whiskey 
she was drinking from a murky shot glass
that left a puddle on the scarred wooden table

he had been a bit befuddled at first 
when he saw her walking out of the marsh
but now he knew she was not a part of the human race

my boyfriend just told me that he has met a few women like this.....


  1. I think I would have run at the first sign that she was not of the human race!

  2. That last bit, about her not being part of the human race, caught me completely by surprise!

    Whirling with Donald Hall

  3. Alien love -- I really love that... :-)

  4. great story!!! have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  5. Love a love story with an alien...

  6. superb surprize ending, your boyfriend's comment made me laugh...

  7. Yes the last two lines really turned this piece on its head..carefully and cleverly written..

  8. ha. what a character you created...the details you use really bring this to life....very nice...wonder what the kids will look like...smiles.

  9. I am way behind - and playing catch up. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

  10. I loved this! Such a sense of place. The table, the bar, and this woman, this marsh- being. A great story.

  11. I have seen Navy guys all over her~ You did a great job with this one! ;D

  12. How you get your readers to crave for more. I wanted to continue to eavesdrop.

  13. Love this character - and I'm sure there are many like these.

  14. First I felt spooky and then felt as if there's an alien!.

  15. A true Siren... enjoyed this - like the opening lines of a mystery novel. xo Karen

  16. Oooo. I wonder where she is from…?


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