13 November


I've heard that she who laughs, will last
i cannot say if this is true
my life's gone by so very fast
and as for laughs, I've had a few

my cares upon the winds, I cast
and sailed away upon the sea
straight and solid was my mast
and my longing to be free

been times life's hit me with a blast
or rocked me sweet and slow
i hear the whispers of my past
singing soft and low

my future yet is shining vast
fate mingles with my own free will
I've heard that she who laughs, will last
and as for laughs, I'm laughing still


  1. Oh, how nice! I loved the rhyme and rhythm; they help your poem swing and sway with the freedom you wrote of. Nifty to see style and content tied together so well!

  2. I like your poem very much. I do think it is important to be able to laugh at life, to look at it sometimes with light hearted nature. Despite what life presents a person with, one has to find humor somewhere..... I like your attitude. Smiles!

  3. Laughing is a great weapon for survival.Enjoyed your poem.

  4. What a happy piece! Thank you for this little uplift. I really like the rhyme scheme--that would have been hard for me to do.

  5. i think that regardless of our circumstances, laughing is def good medicine. it helps to chase away the shadows...and sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh

  6. 'my cares upon the winds, I cast
    and sailed away upon the sea'..........i like this part so much and the rhythm....beautifully written.

  7. I enjoyed your poem, the sentiment and the rhythm! It is indeed important to be able to laugh and have fun, even after we have been 'hit with a blast'!

  8. Laughter is the best medicine:)

  9. Whispers of the past - i like this it combines hope and gratitude, lovely emotion.

  10. lovely, I wish I could have written the above comments, :-) I enjoyed this a lot.

  11. I agree with your sentiments! I remember hearing once, if I didn't laugh then I just might cry. I think laughter is the better option.

  12. I'm glad you've found laughter again. It really keeps us afloat.

  13. Bravo! I always admire poets who can rhyme…this is so wonderful.

  14. I so love this! Me, too - still laughing after all these years!


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