4 October

Johnny Walker was an arrogant bastard

he left me in the barrio

while he went after my middle sister

I called El Presidente

who sent his Captain Morgan

but in the morning they were all gone in a

green flash

Next time I think I'll stick to Belvedere

Imaginary gardens with real toads

the prompt is different types of Alcohol...


  1. Very good. I like the humor this prompt prompted.

  2. Ha! You got them all in there too - good work!

  3. Well done!
    Of course, if all else failed, you could have called on Tia Maria.

  4. Lol...man you threw a lot of em' in there!!! That was as fun as it gets, and I think the last line is good advice...at least then I know I am not going to wake up with a blistering headache in the middle of the night. Thanks for playing!!!!

  5. Hi there...thanks for visiting my blog...
    I find yours very interesting...and different...
    Perhaps I shouldl visit again....and see what you are up to!!!

    Linda :o)

  6. very good, I know a Johnny Walker so shall share this with him, ;-). he will laugh.

  7. Now this is my kind of poem!


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