4 October

This little fellow flew into the window on our porch last weekend....three times 

He just kept getting up and doing it over again.

He was so stunned that he just sat on the porch getting it together for about a half hour.

Which of course gave me the perfect opportunity to go out there with my camera and get a picture.

At last he flew away hopefully a little wiser.

I am not sure what type of bird he is...perhaps a female goldfinch?


I have picked up some bird seed for the feeder on the porch.

We are experiencing what I think will be the last of the beautiful warm weather for the past few days

so I think I'll wait a bit before I put it out.

I still have to pull the geraniums in to over winter. 

Every time I bring them in the temperatures climb back up and I lug them back out to the porch.

I might be willing to work out some kind of a deal with mother nature if it would keep the temps

from getting too cold. At least through Thanksgiving.

for the good of every one.


My psyc. teacher thinks I am a model student...I'm not quite sure how to take that


I had to pick Joe up after work last night. 

He works in Salem, MA.

It's October!

the crazies are out and the traffic is insane!!


  1. That poor bird!! I've had that happen so often...I made a window decal and pasted it on several windows...it works!! Keeps birds from getting confused by the outdoor reflections. [I'm an avid birder...but fail to ID this species...do you know what kind it is?]

    I'm new to Random 5 this week, and thought I'd try and get the gist of it all by paying you a visit!! Happy weekend.

  2. What a terrific photo - i hope your subject is "a-okay."
    yep - weather is bonkers this year.
    A good student and a good subject are two different things - i suspect you are brilliant, the teacher is pleased to have an alert mind in the room and "it's all good."
    Salem, MA - October . . sounds . . . interesting . . . I haven't been there, yet - so, my imagination colors this thought - probably the way you intended - very fun.
    Happy Friday!

  3. adorable little feathered friend. i need to buy more bird seed. they really do enjoy the morning buffet and the kitties really enjoy watching! have a lovely week -- model student! ;)

  4. Your psyc teacher well not to worry I have seen brilliance come from model students of psyc. :) B

  5. Our trees are just beginning to change now everywhere I look there are photograhs waiting to be taken, have a great weekend.

  6. Yes, I believe this is a female goldfinch. Lovely capture, but she was probably more than a little dazed and confused! It's been playfully warm this week here in Middle Missouri. Is it really October??

  7. I couldn't help responding as these are a favorite bird of mine! A yellow-crowned kinglet, I believe? Your photos and poetry are such a work of art, btw. I just love visiting your blog.

  8. Poor little bird! I hope he's OK now.

  9. Ha! about the psych. teacher. hmm... We've had birds fly repeatedly for days into windows, it's so odd.

  10. Looks like some type of sparrow -- poor little thing! I'm happy he made it back to where he came from.

  11. Ooooo that poor little bird! I'm sure it had a headache worth telling its friends about!
    I agree .... I would like the warmer (not hot) temps to hang around longer .... like you said, at least through Thanksgiving!
    Salem, MA!!!! In October!!!! Yikes! ;-)
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Birds are known to do that. They usually choose my kitchen window and it just breaks my heart! {At least it doesn't break my window, though.}

  13. Sweet Thing! Salem Massachusetts, SPOOKTACULAR. My son graduated from the university there.
    Saw this picture over at Kim Kassen Cage. Brought a bit of peace to me today, thanks!

  14. It looks like a sparrow to me.

    We have crazy drivers all the time here. Matters not what time of year it is. All crazy all the time. I empathize with your plight.

  15. That poor bird-to do it once is one thing-but 3 times? Great capture though. Fun post

  16. That is a great shot of the little bird....too bad about the way you got it. I don't think it is a goldfinch but not sure what it is.

  17. What a cutie little bird. I'm glad to know he was able to fly away!

  18. All that poor little bird wanted was some food.. he knows you put food out there.

  19. It's a golden-crowned kinglet...a beautiful bird and a beautiful picture. . . .


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