25 October

I like this corner of my living room

it's filled with 

sepia toned photographs

and afternoon light


I walked the beach last night

the wind was blowing hard and cold off the ocean
 my cheeks were rosy red and my fingers were cold

as I took off my wellies in the kitchen
time for
 a cupan tae


 leaves are falling all around 

when we come home

we crunch through a pile of them at the bottom of the back porch steps

I'm not ready to rake them up yet though

I like the way they smell


there is only the one bottle of white wine left in the fridge

I won't buy any more until the warm days return

red wine is for the late autumn and winter season


 I love this season of autumn

we are out of doors less often 

and so we get a chance to be a little 



  1. Lovely corner there....I too love the crunch of leaves ..a lovely scented season : )

  2. Exquisitely expressed and photographed.


  3. Autumn takes me OUTside more than Summer....it's too hot here in south Texas in the Summer months...perfect in Autumn. And Winter isn't so bad either...but the ocean breezes here can get mighty cold in December and January.

    Your treasured living room corner is truly delightfully comforting.

  4. Oh I love the sound of the crunch and the smell I would not rake them either. Tea is good:) Autum is the best. B

  5. i agree ... i love being outdoors in autumn. i love the smells & sights. perfect!! ( :

  6. Gorgeous corner, love the dried hydrangeas and the pop of color of the pumpkin

  7. i like the corner of your living room, too. autumn means lots of outdoor time here. the kitties and i spend a lot of time on the balcony watching the world go by. i remember the smell of leaves -- wonderful! have a lovely week.

  8. Fall sounds magical at your house. I, too, love to NOT rake the leaves. I like the crunch underneath my feet but I don't like the leaves that I drag into the house on the bottoms of my shoes.

  9. A lovely vignette for Autumn.

  10. absolutely stunning photo...and thought provoking words to match...

  11. I generally love autumn....this one has gotten a little bit colder than I generally like....but still it is beautiful. Your photo is beautiful.

  12. Great shots and words.

  13. Lovely corner in your living room !
    I'm always a bit sad when Summer ends but I love Autumn too ...
    Nice weekend,

  14. Lovely, lovely words! And I can see why you love that corner of the room. Your shot give such a feeling of coziness. Hope your weekend is full of Autumn sights, sounds....and smells!
    Visiting from Friday Finds.

  15. LOVE your post writing today!! So imaginative about walking along the shore in the chilly air, and crunching through the leaves at the back door. Such nice thoughts. The sound of your living room corner sounds very relaxing. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. I'm the same way about the leaves; love having them blanket the garden. But then eventually give up and compost the lot of them. Not so bad here in Vancouver, but in England we have some huge maples at the bottom of the garden and it becomes a marathon raking and composting session. One of these days we'll buy an attachment for the lawn mower which picks the leaves up. :) Hope you've had a lovely week and are ready for the weekend.

  17. What a lovely Random 5 and great photo!!!
    Such a sweet corner!!!
    I agree ... white wine is for summer and red wine is for Fall/Winter.
    And your comment about the leaves .... awesome!

  18. I like this corner of your living room too : )

  19. Oh, I love hydrangea's this time of year - the colors are so soft.Your little corner is so pretty. Walking the beach sounds wonderful. Love the smell and sounds of fallen leaves and the quiet stillness of this time of year. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

  20. Your photo is so peaceful and lovely, with the texture edit. And then your words -- so evocative of autumn. The wine thought is interesting -- I prefer red year round, but at home I chill it. Weird, but that's the way I enjoy it most!

  21. I agree that everything, including us, needs a bit of rest over the winter. Lovely vignette.

  22. love your photo and your poem! You have captured the feeling of Fall!

  23. You can definitely feel fall in this. And I am the same with red and white wine...

  24. autumn is my favorite season unless it's spring or winter or summer -smile-. like you, I drink white wine in summer and red in winter...there's something about fuller, bolder flavors that call out for warm and cozy.


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