15 October

morning sunlight through the kitchen window

 ~ ~ ~
i have brought the geraniums indoors to overwinter

they are set up all over the house and litter the floors with their petals

it is a small price to pay for such cheerful and colorful beauty

 we shall have few flowers till spring

so i am loathe to sweep them up

but let them stay as they lay

all tiny droplets of bright beauty

on the wooden floor 

in the sunlight


  1. smiles...i like the thought of letting so petals linger so that warmer days and their fragrance can carry you a bit further....

  2. Oh I love this! So beautiful!

  3. This is beautiful! I've been raising Monarch's since spring, on my dining room table. So I know what you speak in terms of the mess and the small price to pay! ;)

  4. Very pretty! I never bring mine in, they don't make it because the light is not good enough. Good luck with yours this winter!

  5. So pretty! I love how soft and muted this image looks. Lovely, friend!

  6. I love the morning light shining through, wonderful edit.

  7. Wonderful sentiment.. I am inspired to welcome petals on the floor over the long winter, too. :)

  8. love the gauzy linen effect...savor those last blooms...

  9. Beautiful. Looks like a wonderful watercolor painting.

  10. The texture you added here has enhanced the shot!

  11. The texture edit draws out the beauty of these flowers. This is a lovey photo!

  12. Such a lovely photo and edit of the Geraniums. I will miss mine but bringing them inside with cats around who eat plants is a big no-no.

  13. I never tried to save my geraniums over the winter. I may try this winter as my garage has a window and they would get light and some watering from time to time.

  14. I like your attitude about the fallen petals. :)

  15. BEautiful. We brought in rosemary, I know it will be fine. We'll see what comes of the parsley experiment.

  16. It has been so long since I have grown geraniums - I need to remember them next year. Your photo is beautiful!

  17. Oh I didn't even know you could bring them in and I love the idea of the petals as they are..but then my cats eat everything... I like the texture you used too..Thank you for linking into this week's Nature Notes...Michelle

  18. Beautiful edit of the geraniums.


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