8 September

It traveled with us as we looked at our worlds speeding by
It puffed its foul thick smoke into the very air of our cities and towns

we look out from our windows of perception at the world speeding by and
did we know it traveled with us?

Did it live in all of us -this thing with a pulse
this thing on the opposite side of the table
that sat
-or stood, though there were chairs to spare

Is it true what they say?
that children are not born with prejudice?
I can't remember back that far.

the mag


  1. A good question. I feel that children are born as a clean slate but with a genetic, defensive proclivity towards prejudice.

  2. Another good one baby. :)

  3. thanks for coming by and thank for asking the question.

  4. Learned - it's definitely learned.

  5. Hard not to see it in those pictures unless you are deaf to the realities of history or even the present with our have and have not society dividing us by race and poor against poor

  6. I think it is most definitely "learned." Ignorance locks people in certain mindsets, and knowledge and understanding hold the key to that lock. I can appreciate questions your piece posed.

  7. And with Rockwell, we believed life to be so simple.....

  8. one has to be taught....thank goodness my parents taught me the right way to be and care.

  9. I don't hate white people. I don't hate any one at all and I don't make decisions about people based on the color of their skin.

  10. Hard to remember back that far, indeed...nice write...

  11. Be assured that it is indeed true.


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