8 September

Labor day/work

I am a student again so that is my work right now.

phone call

It is a year this week that my mother's husband suddenly passed away.
We celebrated his life and enjoyed the company of the people he had touched in some way.

But neither my mum, my sister or brother, nor myself will ever forget the phone call that night.

this is a very old picture taken before I had my Nikon. 
 W.C. Fields once said "I don't eat grapes. I'm not in the habit of drinking my wine in the form of a pill."
I don't take pills. I do, however, drink wine.

up close

white space


  1. i dont know that we will ever forget those phone calls...cool up close pics...and our grapes did not come in well this year...sadly

  2. Nicely captured images for this week's prompts. Well done.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. I agree, I lost a close relative almost twenty years ago, and I still remember the phone call. I love your close up shot.

  4. Grapes for "pills" Very nice, I like it!

  5. Hi ! I'm a student too and I had photos about it earlier in August 25. in http://nukkekotinukke.blogspot.fi/2013/08/scavenger-hunt-sunday-258.html

    I like your labor, white space and up close photos very much !

  6. Your white space image is just beautiful! Lovely!

  7. We always remember those phone calls don't we? Love your last two shots.

  8. loveliness in your work shines. yes, those kind of phone calls are stamped in our memories forever.

  9. I know the feeling of an unexpected phone call that turns your world upside down. I am happy to hear that you and your family are learning to "celebrate" the life of your loved one. So important!

    Your pictures are lovely. Are you studying photography, art, or both?

  10. I love your up close picture, and had to laugh at the quote about grapes! But then again, my picture isn't really of pills either.

  11. Thank you for sharing and yes those phone calls are well what can I say, heart wrenching. Cheers

  12. Those phone calls play over and over in your heart, don't they?
    Lovely post and shots to go along with it.

  13. The phone call no one ever wants to get. xo

  14. Your photo's are gorgeous! And my sympathies on your loss.

  15. I like wine too. :)

    I found you via G-Man's Friday 55. Have enjoyed perusing your blog.

    I had a wonderful mother-in-law too. I miss her a lot, but I feel here here with us a lot.

  16. I'm so sorry about your mother's husband.

    I really like the grapes shot, and the quote to go with it. It brought a smile to my face this afternoon!


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