7 September


they gathered to celebrate 
no longer tethered to this earthly life
he had worn his crown well
it was  tattered and torn
was he in a loft above them -he would have scoffed



  1. Very nice....'were' also fits well instead of 'was' perhaps..

    1. It reads as a different meaning to me. Were sounds like if her were there he would be scoffing. Was is more of him scoffing at the idea that there even is a loft above them.

  2. no longer tethered to his earthly life - beautiful words! Loved the entry.

  3. Lovely words - no longer tethered to his earthly life...

  4. Think you need to use the exact word i.e 'tether' not 'tethered'. Sorry for being a pain!

  5. The crown was tethered and torn. Poor person . nice read.

  6. I liked the 'no longer tethered to this earthly life' line, too. It is both liberating, and sad at the same time.

  7. good use of the English language...

  8. good use of the language

  9. Tethered to his earthly life... great use ..

  10. That scoff raises questions! I wonder why he would react in such a way? Is he amused? Disappointed? I like the bit of mystery behind it.
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