6 September

She made her coffee with a French coffee press
strong and cinnamon flavored
every morning she waited for the tea kettle to whistle
the pressure would pop the cap if she didn't turn the heat off soon enough
the irony of that didn't escape her
as she poured the hot coffee into her red mug

friday 55

5 minute friday


  1. cinnamon flavoured coffee, lovely!

  2. Definite simplicity in this! It's amazing how the most innocuous things can sieze our memory. :) Blessings, Sharon (via 5MF)

  3. think of the things made with pressure...diamonds for instance...and then our lives....smiles...cool short...

  4. This made me smile. Sounds tasty!

  5. I have a French Press, it sure makes a strong cup
    of Coffee. But it's sooooo gooood
    Just like your 55
    Thank you for visiting again, you are a wonderful writer.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. ...and so the day starts. The first of many moments, but perhaps the only time there's time to notice.

  7. Fantastic 55! Lots of nuance here... lots of ways to ponder this. Loved it.


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