6 September

On Tuesday we had my mother over for dinner. 
She brought me two little squares of lavender scented soaps and some cocktail napkins.
She's nice like that. 

~ ~ ~

September is my favorite month and October is my next favorite. 
Those two months are crazy beautiful here in New England.

My grown daughter called me the other day to get my meatball recipe. 
I feel like I've passed some sort of mother-hood test now that
 they've grown up enough to ask for my recipes.

It's not even my recipe. I got it out of a cookbook less than 10 years ago.
It certainly wasn't passed down from generation to generation.
I'm Irish -we're not exactly known for our cooking.

~ ~ ~

I almost never watch anything on TV except for movies.
the other day  a commercial for honey-boo-boo came on while we were scanning through on-demand  and I felt like I'd been violated.
I had to take a shower.

~ ~ ~

Remember last week when I said I would never use the touch screen on my new computer?
Well..things have not exactly turned out that way.
It's pretty cool.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The beach was nearly empty 

Even though it was Saturday of Labor Day weekend

the clouds had convinced every one to do other things

cookouts and home projects and 

shopping, shopping, shopping

I shared the beach with only an older father in his swim trunks and his two daughters

who played in the sand with their plastic pails.

and a gathering of friends and family who had set up their chairs and blankets 

up by the sea wall

they had wheeled their beach stuff in with carts

they had brought the old ladies and the babies

and sweatshirts

they were here for the day

I walked the other side of the beach

just me and some seagulls

and this shell


  1. Lovely post! :) I don't watch TV either...almost always just movies. In the end I was paying for On Demand plus too many movies and I cancelled cable TV around the end of last November and just buy or rent movies now.

  2. aw, you have such a sweet mom.
    and as for honey boo-boo. I am with you! Yuck.

  3. I'm Irish-we're not known for our cooking, had me laugh out loud, too cute! Sweet Mom and lovely daughter. Pretty photo and I enjoy your post a lot.

  4. how sweet of your mom to come bearing gifts! my daughter LOVES my cooking but i can't imagine her asking for recipes when she moves out. she just doesn't cook lol. what a great day at the beach!

  5. Ha! My in-laws are Irish, I feel my mother-in-law would take offense ;) But I'd call my mom for meatballs, she's Italian. Mostly I just mess up recipes and work through it myself (my poor family) because I'm too stubborn!

  6. Love that gate...great shot!! I feel good when my own two grown daughters call n ask for recipes...I don't consider myself a good cook either...lol

  7. Honey-Boo-Boo??? I don't know what that is - and - It DOES sound like the ref should come shout "Personal Foul" and send them off your TV Court.

    I enjoy your technology honesty . .
    AND - I liked our quiet visit together this morning - thanks.
    Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you for teaching me about "winks." I'll keep looking.

  8. LMAO on the HBB...i can't even say her name. I wouldn't be a lady if I spilled out of my mouth what I think of that whole show. Enjoyed your random 5...they put a smile on my face. happy weekend. visiting from a RJ

  9. You sound a lot like me.
    Smiles, Dottie

  10. Beautiful shot! The fall is my favorite time too!

  11. I would love a new computer with a touch screen.. Loving your post this morning and your photos.


  12. I don't watch tv anymore...except for maybe a check of the weather channel. Great post and great blog. I'm trying to establish simplicity now that 3rd and final child has spread her wings and is off to college. Deep breaths here...and yes, fall is in the air! I LOVE IT! Aloha.

  13. I got sucked into an episode of Honey Boo Boo once. I was truly horrified.

  14. Lovely serene photo -- matches the mood of the post -- violation says it all about most of TV. -- barbara

  15. I like September and October too. The mornings are crisp, the afternoons are warm and the bugs are few.

    It is always nice to share a meal with family and get special Mom gifts. My Mom and I are frequently exchanging recipes.

    I am not much of a tv watcher and my short attention span is not much for movies. If a movie really catches my eye I will stop and watch it.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your new touch screen.

  16. That is a nice gate! You have nice mom, too!

  17. Great green gate. My daughter likes that honey boo boo - I am like you, I'd rather turn it off than watch anything like that.

  18. TV is truly atrocious. I generally don't watch anything anymore. Not really sure why we have one. Oh yeah -- the husband. :)

  19. Beautiful post, lovely photos !
    Such sweet gifts from your mother, love lavender :-)
    Nice weekend,

  20. What an exquisite photo of the shells and pieces of shells on the sand! Yes, New England in the fall is a real treat. Since I never watch TV, I have no idea what Honey Boo Boo is ... but I think I'll pass.

  21. I'm Scotch-Irish, I don't know that I would be considered a gourmet cook but I like plain healthy food, like vegetables with cheese. I grew up loving greens, I picked a large turnip yesterday and had turnip greens, yum.

  22. Lovely gate photo and I enjoyed reading your sweet (and funny) blog. I grew up in New England and miss it so much, especially in the Fall. My favorite time of year, too. My kids sometimes call me for recipes, too. Not advice. Just recipes. :) xo

  23. Lavender soap ... how lovely!!!!
    Scent some my way ;-)

    Enjoyed your Random 5 and have become a "follower"


  24. Enjoyed my visit! Found you via Friday's fences.

  25. Interesting post! Your photo of the shell is lovely.

  26. Stopping by from Friday Fences, I love your simple shot of the gate! Great color!

  27. Oh yes. I get the most homesick for Maine in September and October. Truly a breathtaking time. :)

    Honey Boo Boo is hideous. Have never watched and never will, but have seen those horrible ads. No idea why that show is so popular. Some things i'll never understand no matter how old i get to be...

  28. I almost missed this - I'm glad I didn't.
    I really don't understand Honey-boo-boo. There must be people watching. Who are they? The can't possibly be members of my species.

  29. I always enjoy reading your posts - this one is so full of fun things that happened this week. The beach sounds like a nice place to be this week at the end of summer and not as much activity of people. Love the shell in the sand...so relaxing. Scented soaps are always a treat aren't they? Have a wonderful weekend.


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