27 September

over the weekend I will be bringing the geraniums in to over winter in the sunny dining room

They are flowering like crazy right now and they look so pretty

I absolutely adore pumpkins

If I was forced to choose a vegetable for a friend I would choose a pumpkin

they're so versatile and cheery

and if you get tired of standing you can sit on them

and if you get tired of carrying them you can make them into pie

of course that wouldn't be very friendly...

Autumn is my favorite time of year and October is my favorite month in the fall

July is my favorite summer month and in July summer is my favorite time of year

I like May very much as well...

Winter will never be my favorite time of year although I have come to terms with it...

winter and I have come to an understanding

Now that the sun is rising a bit later and the mornings are a bit cooler 

I haven't been out to the beach at sunrise in a few weeks

We are having a big celebration in October this year

The pack up the babies and grab the old ladies Thanksgiving in October bash
pot luck

bring your smiley thankful self and something special to share

I am hoping it will be the first of a new tradition

are we at 5 yet?

I got a little sidetracked...


  1. You make a good point about pumpkin friends.

  2. That sounded great honey. I love pumpkins also, when they are made into pies. And I love making Jack-o-lantern's with all five of our children, especially when we can get the fifth one to come up for the occasion. My favorite holiday is The Fourth of July. My favorite season is summer, but august is my favorite month. I love your blog.

  3. oh, good i found your blog - i put it all together - oops - my bad. ( :
    i love May - July is a bit more humid around here in VA. i prefer cool temps.
    have a good weekend.

  4. LOL I cracked up at 'are we at 5 yet" :)

  5. Pumpkins are the shining stars of fall! Have a great weekend!

  6. Any month, any day is one that I love because I am alive and well! Perhaps the winter months are less loved, but life is good!

  7. Oh this pumpkin image is just beautiful!! Enjoy your autumn!! It's my favorite season, along with winter.

  8. Pumpkins are wonderful! :)

    And i try to like winter, but not so much.0 Summer is my favorite, but autumn is splendid too. :)

  9. loved your "5". I love pumpkins and agree with all your pumpkin statements. Maybe that's why I love Autumn ... pumpkins arrive!

  10. okay - I need to get out and snap some photos of pumpkins!

  11. Autumn has the most spectacular colors! Love pumpkins and the edit on your photo is beautiful :)

  12. I love pumpkins and not just for Halloween! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. You are a great writer, I must visit more often. Your photo, LOVE! LOVE! I love pumpkins!

  14. Aren't pumpkins wonderful? They're such a happy veggie ... with or without faces.

  15. ha. not sure what vegetable i would have as a friend...i like that we can sit on and lean on them....and autumn is def my fav time of year....

  16. Lovely pumpkin photo! I pretty much like every month except March - oh, and maybe April. Your new celebration sounds like a lot of fun!

  17. I never thought about how many ways you can use pumpkins. I just decorate with them and that is fine but they have many uses, you say. May try sitting on one, one of these days.

  18. Love the texture you used on this, so very pretty.

  19. Great post! Autumn is my fave time of year with such beauty and bounty! Tonite I am making Butternut Squash soup. OK, I love whatever season rolls in with all of its glory and fury...including old man winter! HAPPY FRIDAY! Aloha

  20. I love how you have come to an understanding with winter...I just wish it would cooperate. Snow a big snow when I wanted, and then be done....LOL Autumn is my favorite time of year, though, for real.

  21. I love pumpkins, too - their orange always cheers me up and makes me smile!

  22. Pumpkin pie is my favorite vegetable!!! I don't know if I would walk to the beach every day or not if it was withing walking distance. For sure not EVERY DAY in the winter. Blogger wouldn't let me see what beach that is as your profile got blocked meaning that I had a hard time finding your blog, Googling helped some). We live in Texas north of Houston and it is a 98 mile drive to our Galveston beach. The water is still warm there though and even in winter people swim and surf.

  23. I agree - pumpkins do make good friends! since my birthday is in October, somehow I always end up getting at least one pumpkin as a present...great photo...

  24. That is a lovely pumpkin photo -- I love your editing! I'm especially excited about fall this year -- and my favorite part of the season is pumpkins!

  25. I like to make pumpkin soup. One big pumpkin makes a lot of hot spicy soup!

  26. Simply better looking the pumpkins photo. but, Indeed, the post is very interesting..

  27. Very lovely pumpkin photo...love the editing choices you made :)

  28. I love love love Fall......especially October!!!!
    Winter and I will NEVER get along! ;-)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  29. I really loved reading your random 5.. I do LOVE October as well..



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