13 September

I've found the beaches quieter now that labor day has come and gone.
it's different when there's no so many people
it's peaceful

~ ~

I am finding myself very busy with all of the extra reading and writing school requires.

It's a little bit overwhelming getting used to this schedule but it's very exciting as well.

~ ~
I noticed a blossom on the moon-flower vine this morning. I'm hoping that we may have a bloom before the winter sets in.

~ ~

mornings and evenings the geese fly over our house. They are landing or taking off from the beaches on either side of us so they are flying very low. We're on the second floor so they pass right by our windows. If we're out on the porch it's as if we can reach out and touch them.
Honk, Honk!

~  ~

When I was a girl the kids in my neighborhood gathered up all the berries on the bayberry bushes and melted them down to make candles with the wax.
It takes an awful lot of wax to make a candle.
There's very little wax on bayberries.
Either way they smell wonderful.


  1. Gosh I love the colors and textures on your photograph! We had a garden teepee a few years back of morning glories and moon flowers. We were more creative then! Hope your school transition continues to be exciting!

  2. Your edit on this photograph is wonderful..and yes I know the locals always love it when the tourists leave and once again they have the beach to themselves...It must be great......We love going off season for just this reason...

    It must be a wonderful site to see the geese take off so close by....

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  3. i love bayberry candles ... memories for you. my favorite time at the beach (when i lived on Galveston island) was around thanksgiving -- no people -- just me, my love, the water and the birds. wonderful! i smiled at the *honk, honk* of the geese!

  4. Nice shot...love the simplicity...welcome to FF

  5. What a beautiful shot!

    Honk Honk! : ) We have geese that routinely fly over going to a lake about 10 minutes from here and they are loud high in the sky! They must be quite loud for you! :)

  6. Love that last entry about the bayberry candles. I had no idea -- I bet those candles smelled amazing.

  7. Love the colors and texture on your fence photo! It is a serene capture. The bayberry information is interesting - about making candles from them. Visiting from FF

  8. Love, love!

  9. ooooo bayberry wax, I would love that! Love your photo!

  10. Very nice photo--I really like the perspective.

    I would love to see the geese flying over and by the house. Have you read Mary Oliver's poem "Wild Geese"? My favorite poem.

    Good luck on the schoolwork! I hope it feels less overwhelming once you get settled in a little more.

  11. what a stunning photo-bayberries and wax, I'll need to Google this and I really like your style of posting.

  12. I can hear both the quiet, and the flocks of geese honking. :)

  13. What a spectacular fence!

    It must be magical when the geese fly by.

    btw, I love your post font!!! :-D

  14. interesting they used the berries to make candles...the beach is nice once the crowd is gone for sure....smiles at the geese flying so low as well...

  15. I love your description of making bayberry candles. And your photo is lovely. The texture edit just makes it!

  16. I don't know what bayberries look like..I'll have to look them up. I love your photo..it's beautiful! It's not often that I get to experience geese overhead but the few times I have I just love hearing and watching them...


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