9 August

a circle of seashells

uncovered upon the beach this morn

as if some fairy mermaids

had spent the midnight hours dancing on the shore in the moon  light

and cared not who stumbled upon their cache in the clouded granite light of morning


we only paused a moment there

to take note of their revelry

and then moved away on the beach 

we left our footprints upon the sand

to say that we had once walked this way

and heard the call of their late night ceili

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

in the morning light the sun shines upon the heart shaped rocks and random shells that sit upon the edge of the railing on the porch

i could sit and gaze upon that light all day

i love the dart and flow of it
the shadow and the shine
the way the light plays as if my porch railing was the only thing it had to do all day

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

when i walk the beach and turn onto the path towards home 
i can see our flag
and a striped beach towel hanging over the balusters 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I love a rainy day

as the song goes

it will not help to dry our beach towels though

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i like the way the presence of wonder-boy and Aragorn fills the room

easy and woven together
cloth of the same texture and color

birds fly by the windows singing
traffic goes by on the street below

 sounds of life and the mark we make today


  1. Beautiful effect on your photo and a very lovely poem...

  2. How wonderful to be able to stroll the beach, searching for treasure. Thanks so much for joining in today at R5F.

  3. I would have liked to be one of those fairy mermaids - your words create images in my head.

  4. Oh to have danced with those fairies in the night....beautiful images and story....

  5. Neat picture edit! Have fun on your beach walks. They sound like a great way to relax.

  6. Really lovely, beautiful capture and edit.

  7. Beautiful photo and poem. And I want to be the fairy mermaid too!

  8. Lovely edit and words wish I was walking there.....

  9. beautiful image and makes me sad that we haven't been to the beach this summer :(

  10. You've captured that early morning quiet on the beach. One never knows what will be left from the day/night before. It's lovely to have the beach to oneself, even for those few moments.

  11. Gorgeous photo! Great textural effect; love the sea...

  12. Sounds like a wonderful place to live! I wish I lived on the beach.
    Thanks for visiting me and your nice comment.

  13. Lovely post and photo. Magical.

  14. Lovely processing. Love the beach!

  15. Lovely thoughts and lovely photo. Your texture edit is exquisite!

  16. What a wonderful "random 5" ..... your photo is stunning!!!!


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