28 August


her steps were like the dancers
in an old fashioned musical

up some and then back down
down again and up some more

never a discernible pattern
at least not so far
at least not one to pick out

the first step is the hardest
no matter how many times it is taken

but I don't believe that

it's the step you've lost count of
that's the most difficult
the one you can't remember if you took or not
or where it led to
or if it ever even had a starting point

her steps were always quiet ones
tippy toe steps
that no one could hear
or notice at all
as it turned out

now there was a route mapped out
now she followed a path
now she could hear the steps she took
on her own journey
see her footprints in the fog
now she sang and danced in her own musical
stepped in time to her own rhythm 

now she noticed

poetry jam


  1. Powerful! Sometimes we have to go through painful steps to become aware and appreciative.

  2. I like the idea of singing and dancing in one's own musical really...and stepping in time to one's own rhythm. I think we each have to somehow find our own beat....even if sometimes difficult to do.

  3. smiles...we each have to find our own rhythm...our own dance...we can not dance that of another....i am glad she is now a noticer...smiles.

  4. I like the idea of her growing awareness and the optimism that can be felt at the end of your poem!

  5. We were both in a dancing mood today :-) This is such a thoughtful poem, we do lose track and it's important to remember where we've been and where we're going. Nice images too

  6. This is very thought provoking. I like the way it ends.

  7. Finding your own dance that suits you is always best even if it is solo!

  8. Very creative poetry with a very insightful message ~ thanks, carol, xo

  9. Such a thoughtful dance routine! Even alone much can be taken in to be happily dancing! Wonderful!


  10. .... now she sang and danced in her own musical ~~ a painful reminder of watching Alzheimer's disease steal my mother's mind. Beautiful, beautiful poetry.


  11. each step.... new experience and prudence....beautifully expressed

  12. Had to smile at tippy toe steps, love that she found her own rhythm.

  13. this is beautiful ... I'm thinking that I often have not thought of the rhythm of my steps until I felt confused or forgetful or unsure ... and then I thought of every step I took until I I was back on an even keel ...


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