19 August

morning glories grow in a pot on my porch. 

 every fresh blossom greeting the morning sun is a celebration for me.

The  bachelor buttons in the community gardens nod their little cornflower heads

 here and there amongst all the other flowers.


  1. lots of colourful weeds around at the moment

  2. Blue blooms are so gorgeous, perhaps because they are so rare.

    Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Love the bachelor buttons! I haven't grown them for ages so I am enjoying yours!

  4. I enjoyed your sweet photos! Yesterday I saw some pretty morning glories growing beside the road but could not get a photo!
    Have a nice Monday.

  5. Lovely shots of the beautiful flowers.

  6. All your blooms are beautiful, but those bachelor buttons are TOO adorable!! Love those little beads of brilliance!


  7. A'fresh blossom greeting the morning sun' as celebration - what a lovely idea to celebrate!


  8. Gorgeous flower shots and I have some mini cornflowers growing in the garden too :-)


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