10 August

It is the end of another summer. It is time for you to leave the island too. Good-bye to clams and mussels and barnacles, to crows and swallows, gulls and owls, to sea-urchins, seals and porpoises.

It's time to reset the clocks from the rise and fall of the tide, to the come and go of the school bus.

Pack your bag and put in a few treasures - some gull feathers, a few shells, a book of pressed leaves, a piece of quartz that came from a crack in the point.

Robert McCloskey

Time of Wonder



the saturday photo hunt

it seems a bit of a stretch here for the blue...but that is the blue Atlantic you're looking at
( a play of light)


  1. I like your take on the theme!

  2. it's the play of light that transformed blue.

    your blog's title is it's epitome. just lovely.

  3. Lovely sunset and words.

  4. Perfect shot for this week's theme - it works on so many different levels.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Wow, the Atlantic Ocean looks so calm in your photo! :O

    1. yes today it is calm. in a few months it not be so as hurricane season will be upon us.

  6. The end of summer always makes me blue ~ enjoy these dog days!

  7. Beautiful picture ! so romantic !

  8. I have to agree with the above comment, love how you have captured the contrast in the sky. Cheers

  9. Great photo and great words to accompany it!

  10. so true about the quote. Glad I'm retired from teaching because the school year begins earlier and earlier. stunning photo!

  11. Unless you live by the beach! And then you can track both the tides and the bus! :-) Sounds like a perfect combination. This is a stunning sunset shot. Love it!
    Visiting from Quotography.

  12. I absolutely love this choice--it is so true that even the fun of summer yields to the demands of education. Your picture is gorgeous! Kelley at the road goes ever ever on


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Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
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