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31 August

That morning she had woken with the sun rise. She had slipped down the path to the beach before the stars had faded. She had seen the sun as a sliver of orange light cresting the horizon. She had sat on a smooth rock and felt the first rays of warmth heating her face. She had waited there while the sun rose higher into the sky and filled the world with daylight. While she waited she listened to the waves coming up onto the shore and the gulls squawking at one another. It was just another day here in paradise.

saturday centus

31 August

she was centered
just frayed at the edges
like wild purple poppies she had seen once
in a photograph

pistil firm at the inmost parts
petals fluttering a little on the margins

he stood her in a jug of
clear water
and seeing her way clear again
she leaned against his stamen.
and drank the
juices up

Imaginary gardens with real toads
Saturday challenge in honor of william carlos williams

31 August

my man above me.

come down I whisper to him
I've something for you


31 August


30 August

Bruce Lee

6 word friday

30 August

focusing on keeping her motives pure
She let go of that which she could not  praise
editing and edifying all things with love.
for the hands that winnow are love and so is the salt that seasons
coming on a whispered prayer, a fluttering breeze, a crashing wave
it matters not
love is the benediction. 

friday 55

30 August


it's such a beautiful word. 
I honor sacred spaces.  the sacred in people, the sacred in the every day ordinary moments I am blessed with, the sacred in the places at the beach or in the wood or walking down a city street.
I honor the sacred in myself.
I honor the sacred in my loved ones
i honor the sacred in those who don't know love
I have learned to let go of that which i cannot praise
my chapel is the nature around me
I send my devotions and offerings 
 over the sea and into the winds
I have learned to worship the love
regardless of where it comes from or how long it stays
 whether it is strong and solid or fluttering for a moment on a soft and gentle breeze
 love is my adulation
my prayer
my supplication
my alpha and omega
my benediction
i worship love

5 minute friday

30 August

Next week I start my first day of college at the local community college
my first day ever at fifty years old

it's a fence I thought I would never hurdle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
 I have a new computer

which i really needed

i liked my old computer very much

i miss it already

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

computer batteries do not last as long as computers do

i think they should last longer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

when you buy a new computer they try to sell you every single extra gadget and "plan" on the market

If you don't buy them they send more sales people over to tell you what a great deal it is

and how much you need it

if you do buy it they try to sell you something else

if you don't buy something else

they send extra sales people over to tell you what a great deal it is

and how much you need it

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

my pictures look better on the new computer

it's bigger

it has touch screen

i only got that because it was the best deal

I'll never use that touch screen

random 5 

friday fences


30 August

vibrant colors

friday my town shoot out

29 August

when I come to their garden
I steal in through the gate


28 August

They sat out on the porch and watched it roll in over the sea.
Thick, black, huge, menacing  clouds that left no doubt about what they were up to.
The entire island had settled and hushed in anticipation and the even the gulls on the beach had 
stopped squawking at one another.
The wind picked up and whipped the trees back in forth in front of them and the waves crashed so 
loudly they could almost feel the salty spray from the shelter of their perch on the porch.

And then came the thunder.

5 sentence fiction

29 August

when I came to their garden
I smuggled in through the gate
and roosted down amongst the eggplant blossoms

 they are unaware of the rich and deepest purples looming on their horizons
the  velvety leaves - teardrop shape - Italian heirloom - jewels of delicious creamy flavor

 one could be sated with blossoms
just by opening the gate

little things thursday

share your cup thursday

thursday favorite things
oh the places I've been

home acre hop

28 August


her steps were like the dancers
in an old fashioned musical

up some and then back down
down again and up some more

never a discernible pattern
at least not so far
at least not one to pick out

the first step is the hardest
no matter how many times it is taken

but I don't believe that

it's the step you've lost count of
that's the most difficult
the one you can't remember if you took or not
or where it led to
or if it ever even had a starting point

her steps were always quiet ones
tippy toe steps
that no one could hear
or notice at all
as it turned out

now there was a route mapped out
now she followed a path
now she could hear the steps she took
on her own journey
see her footprints in the fog
now she sang and danced in her own musical
stepped in time to her own rhythm 

now she noticed

poetry jam

28 August

imaginary garden with real toads

Wednesday word challenge

the stars were edgy
they thrust their drumbeat
into the night sky
with sharp finesse

like crickets
banging out a cryptic calypso
the moon was a souffle
she believed would
rise and follow

masters of her childhood universe
they had  leverage on her soul

she was not so fancy now that she had climbed
in her fairy tale carriage
and stood on the precipice

now that she knew

childhoods can be broken
and crickets have a peppery bite


28 August

on the beach of a morning
giant gull wrestling with a gooey-duck clam for breakfast
gulls will grab a clam shell in their beaks and fly upward
they let go from the sky and the shells break open on the ground
then, of course, they fly back down as quick as they can to feast before

 another gull comes along and snatches it up

this gull had found himself a clam that was too big for him to fly with
 he had to pick away at it from the ground 
 looking over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure that no other gull

was going to steal it away from him

because sea gulls love a free meal

we remarked that it was an awfully big breakfast and perhaps he might skip lunch that day

abc wednesday
outdoor wednesday

water world wednesday

27 August

dverse open link night

in early morning the gulls kicked up a ruckus  from the water's edge
rain fell quiet, soft upon darkened streets outside reflecting streetlamps
at the earliest hour   he laid his hand upon her hip and she moved toward him

27 August

Her mother had said the rose of sharon marked the end of summer

and now she knew that it was true.

it was at the old house that she had said it 

there the rose of sharon grew at the end of the driveway and was white

or such a shade of pale pink it was hardly even pink at all

 this year she noticed the rose of sharon was purple

and remembered about the poem she had read back then about the old lady that shall wear purple

would it be like that for her mother

now that she was getting older

now that she was more than a pale shade of it

more than the pink you could hardly see

do other girls feel their mother's aging like

rose of sharon

and remember the words that they heard once

in their mother's garden

garden party tuesday

garden tuesday

tuesday muse

texture tuesday

26 August

a walk in the wood

and once there were raspberries

mellow yellow monday
amaze me monday

mosaic monday
blue monday

nature notes

25 August

back to school

for the first time in 30 years!

writing utensil
Missed this one -oh well

favorite subject

my family


on the fly


we rode our bikes to the beach when daddy got home.
we walked the tide pools
and stood in the gloaming
and waved to a family who had built a fire pit in the sand

scavenger hunt Sunday

25 August


25 August

the sunday whirl

filtering the pieces out
she rides the train south
it's not always easy to keep fierce
enough she cries out 
 of the bitterness

and steps into the gusting of a warm spring day

25 August


first born
believer in fairies
hearer of mermaids
tree nymph  

our beautiful world

24 August

33 word bedtime story

g'night, she said, and kissed his cheek.
the  night sky was full of stars.
light from the silvery moon shined through the window.
waves came up the beach and slowly went back down.

trifecta trifextra

24 August

when I wake my first steps lead me to the porch

and I see the morning glories blooming

one morning only and by early afternoon they are gone

all of that glorious creation

all of that stunning beauty

all of that magical celebration

for one morning only

how can i not notice each and every bloom
how can I help but be humbled by the wonder of our universe

saturday photo hunting
the saturday photo hunt

23 August

the tide

They walked to the beach together. In the gloaming.
It turned out to be something they did quite often that summer.
And they held hands. His was smooth and tiny and  her's larger and wrinkled with time.
On rocks worn smooth by the sea they sat to watch the sun set.
Then they walked home.

friday 55

23 Friday


they thought that these days would last forever.  all of them wished that this summer would stay.
it was a magical  and it seemed as if even though time was not able to stand still it could  at least pause.

We  even imagined that perhaps we could linger in the current of time like the seagulls that flew up from the beach and stood still in the sky for a short time.

In times to come we would have only the hazy memory of looking down upon ourselves playing on the beach or riding bikes of an afternoon. 

the children felt the pull

as if they loitered near the edge of something

We who knew it was there all along lived for a short time enchanted

and then we walked together out of the last of the extraordinary summer

5 minute Friday

23 August

My boyfriend with his youngest son.
 they grow too fast too soon.
and summer's over with a sigh

6 word friday

23 august

~ ~ ~
I saw an acorn on the ground the other day. 
I picked it up and put it into the nature jar on the kitchen table. 
after a while of collecting tiny things the jar becomes layers of seasons...shells, pieces of beach glass,acorns, tiny pine cones,seed pods, a fortune from a cookie, a wish jotted down on a small piece of paper,back around to beach glass again.
I wonder how many years we can fit into that jar.
 almost a hundred maybe
memories don't take up much space

~ ~ ~ 
my boyfriend's great aunt chioci died last week.
she was almost 100   she never married - instead devoting her life to her sister's children and grandchildren

and eventually great-grandchildren
from what I have been told she was the kinder of the two sisters

and all who knew her  speak of her with much joy
this is a deep and enduring loss
and she will be sorely missed

~ ~ ~
I have a serious case of poison ivy
it has slowed me down I'm on major doses of prednisone
and I'm looking forward to i…

22 August

the nutmeg scented geranium was in flower again. She rubbed her hands gently through the leaves and
absent minded brought her fingers up to her nose to inhale the spicy scent. 
The evening came on much earlier now and she had hung some small white lights on the lemon tree that was out on the porch.
seagulls flew over head and cried out...she wondered what had rousted them from the beach.
the sky was tinged with orange-pink

earlier in the afternoon, or was it yesterday, she couldn't remember now, she picked up an acorn from the walkway and set it down on the bureau in the kitchen   it was there still.
she thought there was a difference in red oak acorns and white oak acorns. One dropped the short, round kind like the one she had in the kitchen and the other a longer more egg shaped version.
but she didn't know which was which.

she had made a pork for dinner and the dishes were done
put away in the cupboards with all the clanging
the boys had gone for an evening bike ride 

21 August


The Aquacasino leaves the harbor for it's gambling cruises every day in summer. 
It travels twice a day on weekends.
The people buy their tickets in advance for the three hour gambling cruise out and back in again.

 They stake their wages on a big win and they stand on the deck to watch the shore receding in the setting of the sun.
I am happy to watch it's twinkling lights cruise by from my spot on the beach because I have always found the joy placing my hopes on the wonder of dreams  and not necessarily their arrival.

5 sentence fiction

21 August

in a vision i saw you
now you are here
your gaze is soft upon me
poetry jam 

I cried out

As I walked the beach this morn and heard the seagulls call
 stumbled through the maze of what my life has been thus far and marveled at the blessings in my steps
when I saw my grown children taking on lives of their own and stood in awe at the beauty that I found in them
 when I saw you gazing from across the willow grounds and found familiar solace in your eyes

and when we watched the moon rise above the calmness of the sea
and stood in the reflection of it's light

I cried out

but no sound could crack the stillness

no words that I could utter would define

no beating of my heart could break the silence

for they have broken the barrier of the speed of sound

and crashed right through the speed of light

and still  no one has measured yet

a speed to break the sound of love

verse first

open link night a dverse

21 August

fade to disappear or die gradually

I wanna tell you how it's gonna be
You're gonna give your love to me
I wanna love you night and day
You know my love will not fade away
You know my love will not fade away
Not fade away

Buddy Holly

~ ~ ~

busted flat in Baton Rouge waiting for a train
I's feeling nearly faded as my jeans
freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose nothing don't mean nothing if it ain't free yeah

Janis Joplin

~ ~ ~
the nights are cooler now
 the gloaming comes earlier
along the path to the beach goldenrod and tansy grow where the wild roses once were blooming

we sit on the porch of an evening -sweaters have been dug out from the back of drawers

and sneakers mingle with the flip-flops and water shoes in the basket by the back door

 low flying geese honk as they fly past us and settle onto the beach in the fading light of day

 this week we've felt the loss of a gracious and softhearted family member a gentle woman

 it's a deep…

20 August

everywhere i go there are signs....
snippets of conversation overheard at the  fish market
children talking amongst themselves about class lists and teachers.
here and there the sumac leaves are turning orange 
and aspens drop their yellow leaves on the walkway steps
the nights are cooler now and mornings as well. 
I find myself reaching for a sweater while i sip my  tea on the porch.  daybreak is later and the evening twilight settles sooner
~ ~ ~
as i ramble through the gardens it occurs to me
that no one has mentioned any of this to the cosmos

they just keep on blooming and pay no never mind what-ever to the calendar

~ ~ ~

garden party tuesday
sweet shot tuesday
garden tuesday
tuesday muse
texture tuesday
nature notes

19 August

morning glories grow in a pot on my porch. 
 every fresh blossom greeting the morning sun is a celebration for me.

The  bachelor buttons in the community gardens nod their little cornflower heads

 here and there amongst all the other flowers.

mosaic monday
amaze me monday
mellow yellow

blue monday

18 August

the sunday whirl

I dreamed we had not parted.  That we had spent the years nestled in each others hearts.  "Stay" you told me way back then.  But I was not persuaded And so we spent that period of time apart
if there are degrees of separation  then we have closed the space in ours though after decades even, my vision of you did not fade
and now we tread the same floors  we sleep beneath the same ceilings  and pay tribute to the youths that we once were now we occupy the same space we dream the same dreams
Now our visions nestle in the autumn of our lives
now there are no years between us save the ones that bring us forward
and there is no space between us now

now our hearts 

18 August

scavenger hunt sunday


is to look up


is my camera

is to  kite-surf

transparent is the stained glass star hanging in the living room window


is the dolphin bridge on wonder-boy's ukelele 

18 August



17 August

to the woman who tends to the roses i often admire from afar i once picked a few of the buds near the fence and I carried them home in my car now they sit in the sun on my table with their stems in an old mason jar
they perfume my house with their fragrance i treasure their old fashioned charm and i pen this short note to just to tell you though I don't wish to cause you alarm I admire the sweet-scented pink roses  that grow by the side of your barn
I imagine you  reading my letter in your garden sipping tea and I leave you with warm salutations  signing yours truly from me tis the girl who admires the roses that you tend in your home by the sea


17 August


17 August


It's just a small thing. To be kind. To be generous. To be decent and civil toward one another.
To be the type of person we all strive to be. To let go of anger and bitterness. To walk away from strife and confrontation.
To change the direction and move into a place where we can get along with each other.
One very small step.
To be in control of one's emotions when faced with pandemonium or wrath or a hatred that's bitter and deep seeded.
To find and focus on the small part, the nugget,  that is able to take presidence and control leading the conversation to a different outcome.
Perhaps into a place where we can practice some empathy
or at least get along.

short of that i roll up the window and drown you out


5 minute friday

17 August

It's only when we silent the  blaring sounds of our daily existence  that we can finally hear the  whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.

K.T. Jong

6 word friday

16 August

caesar's  palace
morning glory
silly human, silly human race

the first morning glory flower greets the day

we have a porch garden

it looks out over the sea and receives both early morning and late afternoon sunlight

in the middle of the day the sun is above the roof of the porch and so it's well shaded

our house sits in sort of a three pronged fork with beaches on either side and a small park in the middle.

so we have a grassy area to play in but we don't have to mow it


There are white caps on the sound and i counted at least 10 kite-surfers!

some days they gather there and the the more experienced surfers teach the new comers  the sport.

~ Baked beans were in the oven all day and the whole house smelled like Laura Ingalls Wilder had
    been here. I keep expecting to hear pa on he fiddle.
molasses, onions, brown sugar and bacon

mornings are cooler even though it's still August
often i have a sweater on when i sit on the porch with my morning tea
It was very win…

15 August

"we need to learn to dance more softly"

She would bring the geraniums in from the porch when the cooler weather came.
In her imagination she had already mapped out a place for them.
The would sit on the sideboard table in the dining room.

all of the winter they would be there with  low winter light shining soft and cottony over them.
And in the spring she would bring them back out to the porch where they would greet the warm weather
with new blossoms and unfurling leaves.

In the empty places on the porch she would plant mums of yellow and purple.
But not yet.
Not till September when summer was truly almost over and the nights were cool

for now, it was enough to sit out on the porch a spell
 dream a little dream - plan a little plan

wait to see if morning glories would finally  blossom  
and marvel at how well the rosemary did this year

 watch the rest of August come settling over the island

little things thursday

share your cup