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The weather has finally caught up with the season. It was uncommonly hot but it is cooler now.

I like my weather to match the time of year. I live in New England and I expect the Autumn

to be cool if not downright cold.  

Right now I am


On my reading pile

I've been watching Restoration Road on Magnolia TV.  

Favorite blog post last week (mine or other).

Something fun to share

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)

Overflowing with Thankfulness

On the menu for this week

On my to do list I have some things to donate to the charity shop.

Looking forward to this week

Because Saturday is Veteran's day I have Friday off!

Looking around the house

My brother was kind enough to pick up my grandmother's desk at my cousins house 

and drop it off on Sunday. 

From the camera

On my prayer list

My family and those who have been effected by the terrible violence in 

Lewiston, Maine.

Bible verse, Devotional

Thou shalt not kill.

~ ~ ~

Busy Monday

Inspire me Monday

Happy homemaker Monday


  1. I bet New England is beautiful :) I'm going to make it there one day! It's gone back to the upper 80's here in Texas and does not feel like FALL, at all. It's so disappointing, considering last week was in the 50's and 60's and we were all loving it. I wore sandals to church yesterday :)

    Have a wonderful week :)

  2. These are nice photos of your grandkids. They are happily playing and exploring. I have some things to donate to the antique shop as well. It's nice to clear things out now and then.

    Have a good November week. It's supposed to rain today!


  3. Will the desk be yours? Do you have plans for the long weekend? The weather here has been like spring.

  4. The violence in Maine really disturbed me. I think because every time we've gone to Maine (husband has aunt/unce/cousins in the Freeport/Brunswick area and we've been to bangor and Acadia National Park twice and of course portland once and Kittery). It's such a peaceful place that this violence feels like a real violation (it all does of course any where in the world) and one just doesn't expect it in Maine!! :( I hope your family is al lsafe.

    LOVE the pics of your grands.

  5. I am so glad the cooler, fall weather is here!


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