The one with Friendsgiving

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The one with friends-giving

Every year at the beginning of November my daughter and her husband host a friendsgiving.

They have a large group of friends that come to their family camp bearing all kinds of food!

Some bring the same thing every year and have become infamous for it. 

We all line up for Skippy's soup or Johnny's apple pie.

The thing about camp is that it's still very rustic.

There is no electricity or running water so you bring things pre-cooked 

or you bring a way to cook it on the large rectangular fire pit.

We were lucky enough to have the absolute perfect weather this year.

We even got to see a couple of eagles flying above and I got a picture of the giant eagle nest.

I got a picture of one of the bald eagles in a tree as well but with all the branches 

in the way it was too hard to pick out the eagle in the picture. 

Verne even built himself a fort...with a little help from Uncle Nate.

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  1. Great photos of fall fun here!
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. What a fun thing to do! And a great way to keep in touch with friends who do not live close.

  3. Oh that is really lovely. Thank you for sharing...Michelle

  4. Love the idea of friendsgiving.
    Beautiful photos!

  5. I bet it was an great event.
    Coffee is on.


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