The eagle has landed

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is one of the two the bald eagle's nests at Camp Verne.

It is just so amazing to watch them flying above us and landing in one of the tall trees.

Though I was able to see one up in the very high branches of a pine 

I wasn't able to capture a picture because all of the branches.

My son-in-law's grandfather bought this land and built a small, rustic cabin.

There is no running water or electricity.

There is an outhouse and lanterns. 

In return for not "improving" the land or cabin

you are gifted with a quiet peacefulness.

Every time I visit this place I can feel the land's beautiful energy. 

~ ~ ~

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  1. oh a small rustic cabin deep in the woods. it makes me sigh with delight. but i would miss my indoor plumbing, for sure ...

  2. What a beautiful place. Those Eagle nests can weigh hundreds of pounds!

  3. Nice shots!
    Thanks for joining this week's party at

  4. A small rustic cabin deep in the woods sounds like the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    Beautiful photos!

  5. That last picture is the essence of peacefulness. It looks like a truly special place.

  6. Quiet peacefulness sounds lovely! Such a nice way to restore the soul:)

  7. We spent every summer at a cabin..There was plumbing and electricity though. But those days of freedom stay with me today..Michelle

  8. beautiful. We didn't have running water either on my childhood camp property in the southern Adirondacks. Instead, we had the outhouse a quarter mile down the back trail and would take our showers at grandma's on the edge of town across the road from the Great Sacandaga Resevoir. We did have electricity but it was .....shall we say.....we used oil lamps in the evening ....hahah Love the simplicity of nature scenes like this


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Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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