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I finally got out to the farmer's market to pick up a jar of honey.

As I was contemplating the calories in the the spoonful of honey I added to my morning oatmeal

it occurred to me that the song title, "honey in your hips"

means something entirely different to me now...


I read the book Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert to my class of toddlers.

Afterward we made our own leaf creations on a wooden tray. 

"There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; 

to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature."

Maria Montessori


Joe and I got a chance to listen to some records over the long weekend.

It was nice to have a chance to relax with him as he works nights and weekends.


I have had an old trunk for a coffee table for as long as I can remember. When we downsized I switched it out for a smaller one that an old neighbor lady gave me 16 or 17 years ago.
Monday, I went to the local homegoods store and picked up this little round table and switched it with the trunk. It takes up much less space and makes it easier to move around. 
I think I'm a little in love!

My grandson turned 7 yesterday!

Happy birthday, Verne!

Love you more than words can say.

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  1. The little table is just perfect, and fits in with your decor style perfectly. Your home is like country cottage/farmhouse chic! I love it! I love the leaf art!!

  2. Oh I love your new little round table.
    A very happy Birthday to your grandson.

  3. We use a lot of honey in the winter if we are coming down with a cold . I've read that local raw honey has some medicinal value to help immunity. We have a bee farmer nearby so I buy his honey. I've never purchased the big jar like yours. I usually get a small jar. Your home looks lovely and Happy Birthday to your grandson.

  4. Hello :) I'm just now finding your blog, by way of another. Happy birthday to your grandson! And I love the look of your home. Looks warm and cozy. That honey looks like gold! Good stuff! Have a great weekend :)

  5. Love that little round table! It looks perfect in that room.
    I agree with Maria Montessori about children in nature. Love those little leave creations!
    Verne is 7! Where did the time go?? Happy Birthday to him!
    Have a good weekend. Stay dry. We got rain last night. According to the weatherman, you will get it this weekend (same storm?).

  6. Happy birthday to your grandson! He sure is growing! Love the new little table and those birch candles (I'm assuming that is what they are) look really nice on the tray. Local raw honey is so good for you I wouldn't think too much about the calories. Love the kid's leaf art and I love that quote!!! So agree!

  7. A charming post and delightful photos! A special photo of your grandson too, Happy Birthday to him, although a little bit late.

  8. That little table is cute and looks great there. Happy birthday to Verne!

  9. Happiest wishes to your favorite birthday boy! I love your new coffee table. Looks perfect..and extra room is always a plus! That jar of honey looks amazing! I'm in need of honey just now and would love to find someone locally who sells jars of yumminess like that. Although that looks too pretty to consume:) Happy Monday!


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