In a yellow wood

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Our Autumn colours in New England are not as vibrant as they normally are.

The people who figure that stuff out tell us it is because of all the rain we had during the summer.

I suppose we reap what we sow and all that. 

They tell us we won't have as many reds this year and from what I have seen thus far

they are correct...not so much red but lots of beautiful yellow.

It does make what red we are seeing really stand out.

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  1. Aren't those the prettiest pictures? I love them both. We get a lot of golds here too, but then it seems to change to the oranges. We get some reds, but not a lot. A little child's hand and Autumn leaves, what a wonderful photo.


  2. The yellow is just as beautiful, and your little circle of leaves should somehow be saved!

  3. What you have is beautiful, two lovely photos!

  4. Happy Halloween! Love the perfect natural "wreath of fallen leaves.

  5. I think all the colors of the leaves are pretty.
    We have had a very colorful Fall here in western MD.

  6. Hello.
    Thank you for showing us seven beautiful autumn leaves. They look like having a smile.

  7. We had a very rainy June and July here in NY yet because our evenings haven't been cool enough to really pop the red color, we are also seeing mostly yellows and oranges. My pear tree is JUST starting to get some red leaves and our maples are JUST now turning yellow/orange. We stil lhaven't had a real frost here alhtough that might change overnight!!

  8. Beautiful is such a delicate balance of rain and temperatures with cooler night to help bring out the colors...Michelle

  9. Such beautiful photos!
    Love fall colours.


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