bountiful harvest

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Last spring I purchased a few bags of seeds. 

The art on the little bags was so beautiful that i couldn't resist even though I don't have a garden anymore. 

I gave my daughter the seeds and I kept the pretty artwork.

This is her bountiful harvest.

Not only were the bags beautiful to look at but the seeds created beauty as well!~ ~ ~

little things Thursday

thankful Thursday


  1. Wow! This is the most productive bag of seeds that I have ever seen.

  2. What a wonderful harvest.
    It all looks beautiful.

  3. Very beautiful harvest. I wish we had soil here that we could grow them!

  4. Oh, look at your daughter's bountiful garden. I can understand why you kept the pretty seed bags. I received a bag of forget-me-nots from a blog friend years ago. I never planted the seeds, but I still have that special bag and will remember her always. That little orange pumpkin included with the harvest is the perfect shape. Always love your delightful posts, my friend, and have a pleasant weekend.


  5. I love this. Planting most anything is where I find a lot of joy. Your harvest is good for looking at and eating :) Thank you for linking up.


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