a hundred acre wood

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A walk in the wood of a morning 

Olden woods are my favourite. Wild places where we leave things as they lay and let the world take care of itself...the way it has been doing for ever and ever. 
Perfectly fine without us.

When I was a girl I could walk through our backyard into a conservation area that was nothing but woods.

A few clearings here and there and a small stream...frog pond. 
I would spend days in there coming home only for food. 
Hours and hours - seasons upon seasons - years upon years.

When I was a young teenager we moved closer to town and I stopped going into the wood.

But the wood has never left me. It's still my favourite place to be. 

~ ~ ~


  1. You have made it so appealing and magical. LOVE your toenails!

  2. Yes. My Mother and I painted the classic Hundred Aker Wood on my bedroom wall when I was about 10. The woods are very special to me...Michelle

  3. Mine too! but I wear hiking boots in woods/on mountains NOT open toed shoes!! you're brave

  4. Woods are always wonderful to explore! As John Muir said: "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.'

  5. Ii live in the woods on 21 acres which back up to the Savage River State Savage (55,000 acres).
    It's like living in our own private park. :)

  6. So nice that you take a walk in the woods. The woods are all around me, so I don't need to go far to appreciate them. You have pleasant memories of the woods when you were a young girl. Thanks for sharing them.



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