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I leave a bit early for work now to avoid the school traffic. We have at least 5 schools all starting at roughly the same time and all within a mile of each other on the way out of town! Oh, and did I mention that we don't have busses? 

It's crazy trying to get out of town to work!

So...I get to this beautiful beach about 20 minutes early every day and I park the car and walk the beach.

It's a beautiful and calming way to start my work day.


We have 4 of these big, sort of ugly, bottom feeders in our fish tank in our classroom. They had babies! 

Now we have 6 or 7 little baby bottom feeders!

We will have to give some of them away as our tank isn't big enough for all of them. 


One of my co-workers this year is a paid intern attending the same state college I attended as an adult learner in 2013. In class one day we all signed a photograph waiver. I never gave it a second thought until the following semester when a class mate told me that she had seen my picture. It was hanging on the wall right next to all of the main offices. The other day my co-worker showed me a picture on her phone. It was me...on the wall...still! It has been hanging there for ten years!!! 

This is a picture of me standing next to the picture. My husband took this picture in 2018.

About five years ago my daughter did an internship at the same college and as she exited the offices of the woman she interviewed with...there I was. She was shocked to see this giant picture of her mother hanging right there. Then every day for the entire internship...there I was every time she entered or exited her office!

Fair warning to all who may sign photograph waivers...apparently they use them!


As I was walking back to my car I happened to notice this sign that someone had painted on the ground during COVID.  The walkways along the beach were one way only so people wouldn't be walking next to one another. It seems so crazy to think of that now but there is an uptick in cases lately here in Massachusetts. My daughter had it (again) and my co-worker's husband also has it.


I have been on the hunt for Mrs. Meyers apple scented cleaning products and I finally found them at Target last night. I use the hand soap, dish soap, and counter spray at work because the smell is so pretty. It cheers up my day as I clean up in the classroom.

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Friday fave fives


  1. It's so funny you mention the apple scented cleaners becaus I too love it and just got the kitchen counter cleaner one. It smells just like a crisp fresh apple! LOVE it.

    That's so funny about the photograph......and you were having a good hair day!! :)

    How fun to leave earlier for work and walk the beach.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend

  2. aahhh...your first picture is sooo beautiful and relaxing! How exciting to have the birth of fish in the classroom. I personally would hate to see an enlarged photo of me displayed anywhere 🤪, but you look good in that big poster. I'm with you about enjoying your favorite smells; good for the senses, right?.

  3. I agree that spending 20 minutes every morning in that place of tranquility would be a wonderful way to begin your work day. You live in a beautiful place!
    Love the picture on you on the college wall! Great story.
    Have a calm and lovely weekend!

  4. How lovely to walk start the day with a walk on the beach! We used to have 3 school zones between our house and my m-i-l's assisted living facility--too often I'd forget in the afternoons and get caught in traffic.

    How fun to have your picture on the wall at the college, and for so many years!

    An older couple in our church has has Covid twice. The first time the man had it, he was in ICU for weeks and ended up with a lung transplant. :-0 He's doing great now, but wow.

  5. That sounds like a great way to start your working day. Horrible being stuck in school run traffic so a lovely way to avoid it. Great picture of you at the college. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. That would be a lovely way to start the day, so calming. Funny about the picture, especially in relation to your daughter seeing her mother every time she goes in and out of her office. One might think you were spying on her. LOL. Funny that the walk sign is still there. When I think of it now, that was sheer craziness that we couldn't even pass each other on a path in the outdoors, yet we were all crowding into the stores passing each other in the aisles. So much of that made no sense whatsoever.


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