Labour day weekend

 ~ ~ ~

A small vase of flowers on the kitchen table always cheers me.

Makes me think of Proverbs,  A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.

It was Verne's first day of first grade!

My daughter grew peppers in her garden this year and they did very well.  
They looked so pretty hanging in her kitchen. 

I hiked with my brother, sister-in-law, and a family friend on Sunday.
It was a beautiful day.

At the beach with friends!

Friday fave fives


  1. The bottle of mead makes me think about cheerful countenance xD

  2. So many lovely things on here today. I hope your grandson has a wonderful school year. Although I'm a mountain person, this beach photo is beautiful. It looks like a perfect day to go on a hike with your family. The chili peppers look delightful in your daughter's kitchen. Sometimes I put green peppers in my scrambled eggs.....very good. It's always a joy to see a post from you. Simple things and so much goodness. : )


  3. This is a great pic of Verne, it even has the school bus in it. He looks excited!

  4. Wow look at those lovely blue skies at the beach. Flowers indoors make me happy, too. The peppers make gorgeous decor, so bright.


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