A day at Long Hill


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Barbie weekend at Hopie's house!

I surprised Abigail and Natalie with new Barbies and a new purple jeep for them to drive around in.

Pretty fun.


I raided my daughter's garden when I went to pick up the children.

We had beans and tomatoes for dinner and a vase of fresh flowers on the bedside table.


I met my daughter at a Massachusetts trustee of reservations property on Sunday. 

We walked around enjoying the property, which was absolutely beautiful. 

Afterward I went to a poetry reading on the property. 

Various authors from a newly published poetry book read. The book is called, Leaning Toward Light, Poems for gardens and the hands that tend them.

It was a beautiful evening. I'm so glad I got a chance to do it.


On Tuesday night I went back to the same property to attend an autumnal equinox sound healing. 

It was a guided meditation with drums and bells. It was beautiful and relaxing.


I have been getting to work about a half hour early because of the timing of all the school traffic.

If I leave later it takes me twice as long to get there so....

I have time for a short hike on a beautiful trail before work. 

I sat on this moss covered rock and did a short meditation one morning and then hiked back to my car.

The leaves are just beginning to turn here in Massachusetts. 

Oaks are always the last to turn and mostly they just turn brown and then fall.

They are just too stubborn to let go.

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Friday fave fives


  1. Love your faves especially the photo of your daughter and the girls!! And what a cute bedroom they have!!
    yay for early morning hikes!! Good for you!!
    That garden walk/meditation time sounds wonderful....i love stuff like that as long as the focus is on our Creator/God.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Barbie night, how fun! I bet the girls loved the new Barbies and the jeep. Cute picture of them with the matching bedspreads. The visit at the reservation property sounds nice and very peaceful. In the mountain area I live at, it is home to the Wintu, and it's always nice to learn a few things about them, especially since my mother-in-law had a bit of that heritage in her. I like that moss covered rock photo that you took on your walk.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


  3. The girls are so cute, and such pretty dresses. I love their beds! Glad to know what you've been up to!

  4. What a fun time with Barbies! Your granddaughters are adorable (and so is their mom).
    What a peaceful time you have in those mornings when you can walk in a park or on the beach. It sets the mood for the whole day.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. What a beautiful weekend!

  6. How fun for the girls to have new Barbies from Grandma! Their room is so sweetly girly. What a lovely way to spend time with your daughter and grands. It sounds like a lovely place to explore. That peaceful time before work must help to set you tone for the day. Much better than fighting through traffic getting frustrated.


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