the shade of the old maples on an August afternoon

 ~ ~ ~

There is nothing quite like reading el-fresco on a summer afternoon in a beautiful place.

Hannah's blanket under the shade of a big old maple tree.

When your children are grown (Hannah is 35 now) and you get a chance to spend some time alone with them...not at a holiday gathering where everyone is hustling and bustling, not at a crowded event filled with other people and over too soon.

Real time...time you can sit on a blanket in the grass under an old Maple

and do nothing together...

every so often one of us reads aloud a particularly meaningful passage.

We are comfortable in our silence and the companionship.

You appreciate a picnic blanket that they left on the grass when they got up to do something different.

When they are younger there is so much of their stuff around that you think it will never end

and then one day you catch yourself feeling melancholy over a blanket that they walked away from.

Every single tiny bit of who they are as grown ups becomes something so special as to be a treasure...

full of memories and good smells and love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. This is the real stuff of life. And what a beautiful place.

  2. Great photos! I love the one where you're looking up the tree - an interesting perspective.
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. beautiful!! ilove sitting on the swing under our back maple an reading. Used to lie on the ground all the time when my girls were little and we always had some kind of a large blanket in the backyard for books and their bratz dolls. hahah

  4. Oh, the moments when they were young were precious times for me, It was a beautiful time. But then, they become mothers themselves, and it's their turn to make sweet moments with their little ones. Love the photo of Hannah's blanket under the big old maple tree. So sweet that you got to spend some quiet time with her.



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