The flag on State street

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Of a morning I walked a bit around town for a walk before leaving for work. It poured heavy rain much of the day so I wanted to get a walk in while I could. It was so quiet in my little town. Even the water in the harbour was still.

I caught a bit of a breeze coming up off the ocean. It was just strong enough to move the giant flag that hangs on one of the old homes on State street. 

Every winter I say I'm going to move an hour north so that we will be closer to the grandchildren and then summer comes and everything is just so beautiful here. We can walk to the market, the harbour, two or three small beaches, restaurants...and the grandchildren love coming here! 

So...maybe we'll move next year...

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  1. It seems you live in the perfect place!!!

  2. It's always nice when you feel content in your town. I love this town also, but like you, I may move closer to the grandchildren at some point. That flag looks wonderful hanging from the old house. I'm glad that you enjoy walking to the markets, the restaurants, and the beaches in your town. I like the color of this house, and the siding.


  3. I LOVE reading that you are content in your town. There are so many expectations for people to move or have a certain home, but the truth of the matter is to enjoy your life/your moment. Thank you so much for linking up and have a great weekend.

  4. Love that photo...and then read your thoughts that went with it. I have to admit, I am bit envious. How wonderful it would be to live in a beautiful place!


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