Marblehead Glover's regiment

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I had my granddaughters over the weekend!

On Saturday we went to Fort Sewell where the Marblehead Glover's regiment (Revolutionary war reenactors) were having an encampment. It looked much like it might have during revolutionary war times when Fort Sewall was actually in use. There was cannon firing, marching, and mock battles. We stayed away from those things but we did have a lovely little girl and her mother make us two sweet little corn husk dolls. Of course, we also got some candy sticks and lemonade!


We did some guitar playing and dancing at home with my husband.

Abby loves the way her dress twirls but Natalie is more of a break-dancing kind of a girl.

We walked down the street to the Driftwood for breakfast and then stopped at the harbour 
to see the boats. 


We painted and we played with stickers. 


We walked to the local toy store and did some shopping and we stopped at a little book store
and bought a couple of books. I picked up a copy of One Morning in Maine as Robert McCloskey is one of my favourite children's authors. 

The girl's each had a bag with handles which they carried with them as they walked.
This was a bit of hard work so we had to stop and rest at a little café table. 

We stopped at the ice cream store as well because as it turned out,
carrying handle bags filled with toys and books is really quite a lot of hard work indeed!


I was back at work come Monday and have had a very, very long week with new toddlers in my 

classroom! One of them just moved from Japan, speaks no English, and had never been in care 

or been away from her mother before!

She has bonded to me, which I am happy for, but she cries for her mama all day and more so

if I have to use the bathroom or go to my lunch. 

Even the other children in the room have started saying "Kudo" which means coming 

when she cries for her mama!

I can't even tell you how happy I am that it's Friday!

My poor husband wanted a hug last night and I told him to step back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday fave fives


  1. I could never do daycare with toddlers.....GOd bless you!! I LOVE the toddler stages but...could never be a daycare provider. It makes for a long wonder you're glad it's Friday!!

    LOVE the photos of you and the grandgirls. They're precious. Looks like they had an awesome weekend. LOVE Natalie's dress!!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend you had with your girls. Jammed packed fun! I do love their individual dancing styles:)

  3. What joyful and wonderful photos! You sure picked activities that would be a big hit with any child! A fun time they will always remember. Abby did the perfect twirl! Love your cute pigtails!

  4. What a thoroughly fun time with your granddaughters! I hope the little one from Japan settles down soon. I can imagine how scared she must be.

  5. You have a heavy and important job to do. I can't imagine how hard for both you and that little girl.
    Your adventures with the grandgirls were adorable. Hmmm, maybe I need to purchase something in a bag and carry it to the car and be exhausted and need to stop for ice cream...
    Ft. Sewell reenactments look like interesting activities!


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