Marblehead Festival of Arts

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Every year on Independence day weekend Marblehead, MA hosts the Marblehead 

festival of arts. Four or so days of arts ranging from photography, painting, drawing, printmaking,

sculpture, crafts and even sewing. They are set up in various churches and buildings in town.

At Crocker park which overlooks the beautiful Marblehead harbour there is live music!

All four afternoons and all four evenings feature bands and musicians of all genres!

The best is saved for the evening of the fourth when the fireworks are set off above the harbour!

I am so thankful to live in this beautiful old town on the coast.

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  1. Wish I could go there to experience all of this!

  2. Wish I visited more towns in the North Shore when we lived in Quincy. We did spend one fourth of July in Portsmouth, NH, and that was fun.

  3. This sounds wonderful! Thank you for linking up.


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