Is it Friday already

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Spent Saturday afternoon at Screaming Woman's Cove beach.

The fog rolled in and minute clear and the next misty.


I got this photo of Abbot Hall as I walked to listen to music in the park on Saturday morning.

It was foggy and drizzly on the first night of the Marblehead festival of Arts. 

That didn't stop the crowd though! Crocker park was filled with folks on blankets and lawn chairs,

Mums and dads, children running and playing, grandmas and grandpas!

It seemed like the whole town turned out to hear the great music.

Some folks were dancing in front of the stage and they were really good.


Sunday's weather was a wash out!

I did get out to see some of the art exhibits though.

I saw the mixed media and the sculpture in St. Michael's Church.

Every year they sell lobster rolls on their lawn and I never miss it.

I also saw the photography exhibit in Old Town Hall.

One of the photo's on display was a picture of one of my mother's best friend's porch. 

She passed away a few years before my own mother did. 

Hopefully they are up there sipping lemonade on the big porch in the sky together.


The Marblehead Glover regiment (re-enactors) will fire the cannon and read

the declaration of independence from Fort Sewall on the Fourth at noon.

Fort Sewall is a revolutionary war era fort here in Marblehead. 

There are two little boys who have been in my class for the past two years.

They normally stay a year or so but because of how their birthdays fell they

started at about 15 months and they are 3.3 years now!

They were a lot! 

But I loved them and I really will miss them...maybe not at nap time though.

Here are a few things that one of them has said in the last week:

We have a bowl on a table with three oranges in it, every time Will walks by he says, 

"Do you want to see me juggle?"

At nap time everyone except Will was asleep and he sat straight up and said,

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

I was thinking, shut the heck up and go to sleep but I don't think he was thinking that.

He brought me flowers on his last day and every time he walked by them on the counter,

he got that sweet little boy smile and said,

"Those are my flowers. I gave them to you, Kara."

It's always a bittersweet time of year for me. 


The harbour illumination. There are flares set up all around the harbour and they are all lit just before 

the fireworks are set off. This year it was so foggy you could hardly even see the fireworks

but the illumination looked beautiful in the foggy mist.

If I might add one more....

three day work weeks...Yes please. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Your week looks like it was lovely despite the rain!

    Now: WHY is it called Screaming Woman's Beach? I just know there's gotta be some story attached to that title. hahah

    I love the Boston area....sadly it looks like we won't be making our way there this year. I'm hoping for autumn......


    Ps (I thought you had the summer off from teaching Montessori?? all the Montessori preschools around here are closed in summer like public schools. only ones open are Special Ed preschools or public schools for the Special Ed students or students who need extra help). Oh and Daycare Centers are open every day except major holidays.

  2. Your first couple photos are edited so gorgeously!! I love them! And I am very interested in how that beach got it's name! What a really sweet story about the little boy.

    1. The first two photos are not even edited! It was just so foggy that they look like they were. I will do a post on the story of Screaming woman's cove one day soon. It's a great story.

  3. Sounds like a nice firework celebration. And sweet memories of the boys from your class. That vase with the flowers looks like milk glass. It's always so pretty to me. Your mom's friend's porch is charming, and nice that it was in the town's photography exhibit.


  4. Sounds like there was a lot going on in your area this past week. Always hard when the end of a school year comes around and students move on - but always nice to get gifts. Have a good weekend.

  5. I am interested in how Screaming Woman's Cove got its name, too! Sounds like a great week. I love how the celebrations are not just on the 4th, but over several days. And how nice that much of it is within walking distance. What fun to see your mom's friend's porch among the photos.

    Will sounds like a character. How sweet that he brought you flowers on his last day.

  6. The comments children make are so cute. And we teachers remember them forever.
    Love all the misty photos. Marblehead is an amazingly beautiful place to live.
    Looking forward to your Screaming Woman's Cove story.

  7. A three day work week is my dream! That would be wonderful if it could be a permanent thing! Love the flowers in the milk glass vase. All the celebrations sound fun, too bad you couldn't see the fireworks well due to the fog.


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