a light in the darkness

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Sunday afternoon I drove out to the lighthouse on the neck to watch the start of the

Marblehead to Halifax race.

The first race was in 1905 but only happens every other year.

It has been four years since the last race and this year there were over 70 boats!

They sail from Marblehead, MA , USA to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This year the Space Monkey won the race in one day, 23 hours, 18 minutes and 29 seconds!


I came across this mermaid bench at a little shop around the corner. 

My granddaughter would LOVE it, but the four hundred dollar price tag put me off.


This is the porch of a sweet little home located on a tiny little street about as big as a driveway

that is just between the local small market and an antique street not much bigger than a driveway.

They often sit out on their front porch whiling away the hours of a summer evening.

Love it!



I've had 4 new children in my class of 7 toddlers this week! 

We normally transition one or two at a time!

It's been a lot!

One of the children is under two years old and she has just moved from Japan with her mother and father.

She knows no English and has never been in any kind of care away from her mother before.

Wednesday was the first morning that she was able to stop crying and play with some of the toys.

I was thinking what an honor it is to be one of the people that helps this little family

begin a new life.

For this sweet little girl I am like a beacon of light in the darkness. 

My job is to give her something that she can cling to and then find her way safely without me.

I love my job.


When I was younger I didn't like geraniums. I thought they were boring.

Now that I am older I love them.

There is something so sweet about a pot of geranium on the kitchen table...so cheerful.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine.

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  1. Quite a few nice frames

  2. thank you thank you thank you for being a daycare provider to young children!! That little girl will be blessed and the good news is that young children pick up on new languages very easily. I'm guessing (unless she has special needs which she probably doesn't otherwise she would be in early intervention) that she will learn English from you and the others very quickly. I'll bet she's adorable!

    LOVE the photos you captured of the new england charm. My sister in law who lives on the south shore would LOVE that mermaid bench....but yikes...the price!

    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend doing the things you love.

  3. How happy the boat winner must be. That's a lot of boats in the competition. I like the porch, it's charming. And that mermaid bench! So cute, but I can see why you passed it up, as the price is high. I do hope the new little girl in your glass does well. That's not an easy thing for her parents to move here from Japan. Thank you for teaching, guiding, and loving the children.


  4. I wonder if the cute bench is so expensive because it is one of a kind? Also, you have school year round? Here, all the schools are out for the summer. That poor little girl! How awful it would be to be surrounded by new people who you cannot communicate with!

  5. Yes, that sweet little girl may not remember you as she grows older, but you are a very important part of her life, truly a beacon of light.
    My granddaughter would also like that bench, and yes, the price tag would put me off too.
    My husband does not care for geraniums, but I love them. If I own one, it lives outside.

  6. A light in darkness is a light for help, a light for teach, a light for guidance, a light ever is important. More that one person can believe. The experience in It is all.
    Have a nice summer with joy and happiness.
    Greetings from Mallorca.

  7. That mermaid bench is so cute! But wow, $400 is a lot.

    What fun to watch the boat race begin. That's a long way to go in boats that don't look very big.

    That's such a neat perspective on child care. I hope the new ones adjust soon, especially the one who can't speak English yet. I agree with Faye that she'll probably pick it up pretty quickly.


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