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My husband and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary.

My class parents gave me a gift certificate to a swanky restaurant in my town.

Every thing was delicious! I even wore my new dress.

I think it looks like something I might have worn to my 8th grade prom!

I remember that Brendan OLeary asked me to go.

He picked my up on his bicycle and I rode on the back.

The bridge over the old train tracks was covered in honeysuckle and I brushed against them

as he went pedaling past.

I am thankful for those innocent times and that I still live in this beautiful town

with my husband. 

Sadly, Brendan passed away a few years ago but I will always remember his sweet spirit. 

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  1. Your dress is pretty with the colors of the rainbow, and looks so Springy. So glad you had a nice dinner, and Happy Anniversary. That was a sweet story about your 8th grade Prom, and I give you credit for sitting on the back his bicycle to get to the Prom. So sorry he passed away - you have special memories of that night always. And the honeysuckle part made me smile. : )


  2. You look beautiful in this dress with your hair down. A vision of summer with the pale pastels!!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! AND...yeah for the 1970s dresses being back. I had a similar one in junior high school and definitely in high school. How we loved our granny gowns :)

  4. it's so good to see you again! i somehow lost you in life's shuffle. you look beautiful ... happy, happy anniversary.

  5. Your dress is beautiful!! I love your memory of riding to the dance on the back of your date's bike. That is a precious memory! Thank you for linking up and I hope you are having a great week.


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