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A rainy morning at the Farmer's Market 

It's quite early in the season here. In fact I am at the opening day!

Here in New England we have long cold winters and short outdoor growing seasons.

We've had a chilly, grey, somewhat rainy June so I'm not expecting much in the way of produce.

After the farmer's market I drove over to Salem for a vegan market.

 I've been looking for a foundation

and a bronzer that I can use in the summer time and I found one I really like!


The rain cleared just long enough for me to go for a walk when I got home.

You can see the clouds above Gerry Island.

It poured again after I got home. 

I had Monday off of work for Juneteenth and my daughter came down to visit with

my grandchildren. We walked to the beach and then went out to lunch

followed by a trip to the ice cream parlour!

I love this picture of Abigail and Natalie.

Abby is telling us all about mermaids and seashells, and princesses, and unicorns...

Natalie looks as if she's heard all this before and doesn't know quite what to make of it all.

Verne was happy to climb the rocks at the edge of the beach!


Wednesday evening my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

I wore my new dress!

I have been waiting for an occasion to wear it but it hasn't been quite warm enough. 


One of my co-workers last day of work was Thursday.

She treated our infant/toddler house to Chinese food for lunch.

What a special treat and what a wonderful co-worker.

She has worked at our montessori school for decades but always as a pre-school teacher.

This was the first year she had worked with toddlers.

It was an eye-opening experience for her.

She said she lost about 20 pounds because she was always moving!


Friday fave fives


  1. sounds like a lovely week. Happy Anniversary and I'm sorry to hear you've had a lot of rain. our spring was DRY here in eastern NY. Last week we finally got some good soaking rains but we could use more which i think might happen this weekend. As long as it stops before we get up to Vermont for our vacation :)

    Verne is getting so tall!! Handsome boy!! My girls used to LOVE climbing the rocks at beaches and on mountain summits.

    ENJOY the weekend...I'm assuming your toddler program is closed for the summer or is it more like daycare so you have to go back??

  2. I think you are right on spot with interpretating the girl's expressions! It is such a cute pic. I did not know you could get makeup at Farmer's Market's!

  3. What a pretty dress! Happy anniversary! We've had a lot of rain this week, too. How fun to visit the beach and ice cream parlor with your grandchildren.

  4. Lovely dress! Happy anniversary. Hope you had a lovely evening.

  5. Happy Anniversary! How nice that you live near the water and your grands can enjoy it with you!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Love the dress!
    I always love seeing the photos you post of the beaches as I am a total beach girl (now living really far from the beach...)
    Verne is growing up so fast!
    Have a good weekend! Maybe less rain (although we had rain yesterday, so you may get some of it today).

  7. Happy anniversary! I like your new dress! Sorry you've had so much rain! We were havign a very dry spring until a week or so again, now we're getting some much needed rain

  8. Those grandchildren of yours are precious, and the candid photos you take of them are wonderful.

  9. Happy Anniversary to both of you!! You look lovely in your new dress and the colors are so summery and fun! You're description of what was going on in the girls picture made me laugh. They are adorable and look how much Verne has grown!!


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