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Abby and Hopie time

  ~ ~ ~ Abby and Hopie go to the beach. On Saturday my granddaughter, Abigail, asked if she could come to her Hopie's house all by herself. Of course, I said I would love that! Her older brother, Verne, wanted to go to a friend's house and her younger sister, Natalie, is too young to be away from mum for an overnighter. was me and Abigail for the weekend. She wanted to stay 2 nights! I think she may have been slightly motivated by the need for some alone time and Natalie's late night crying. ~ We cooked homemade cornmeal waffles together for breakfast. When your grandmother is a Montessori teacher you learn to cut your waffles up by yourself. You can see the concentration on her face.  I didn't help at all! Verne's first day of Kindergarten! I drove up in the morning to watch him get on the bus! He loves it! On Monday morning Abigail and I drove back up to her house. My daughter, Hannah, came over with delicious donuts and Bonnie made a breakfast of bacon, s